My new Clevo W240EUQ Laptop from PC Specialists

This is the Laptop I have moved to. No longer a Mac user, never more than a PC user and never a Windows fan. I’m now entirely into my custom built Clevo W244EUQ laptop, built to my configuration by PC Specialist in the UK. Having done a lot of research and agonizing over prices and […]

The trouble with Microsoft Windows

While reading some postings about old CPU’s the subject on implementing calculations came up, and someone mentioned an issue with windows calculator. I assumed that this was an artifact from Windows 3.11 or something, but it still exists in Windows 7, and I assume will exist in Windows 8. > 1. Start the Calculator accessory. […]

Benchmarking the Raspberry-Pi

This is a crude and simple PI test against the Raspberry-Pi and a Dell Pentuim-4 (3.0Ghz) The Raspberry-Pi Starting PI… x= 0.38631 y= 0.89070 low= 939239 j=1200001 Pi = 3.130797 ztot= 801773.75 itot= 1200000 real 0m1.900s user 0m1.720s sys 0m0.000s Pentium-4 Starting PI… x= 0.38631 y= 0.89070 low= 939239 j=1200001 Pi = 3.130797 ztot= 801773.75 […]

Maemo vs Meego – round two

I have been spending way too much time in Quora but it has proved interesting. I have learned from some of the discussions that Meego is a bit of a ruse. It seems that there are actually two Meego’s one is the ‘netbook’ variety, more or less a rehashed Moblin (Intel’s contribution to the partnership) […]

MeeGo is now Dead, as a Mobile OS.

This article MeeGo will not displace Symbian as enterprise OS has now demonstrated that Meego is no longer supported by Nokia, and it will be left to die with Maemo as a ‘Non-Runner’ in the Mobile-OS arena. It also indicates that Nokia Management has gone down the MicroSoft path to complete irrelevance in the Mobile […]

Apple control of iPhone applications

I think there is a good reason for Apple wanting to control the applications being created and distributed on iPhone and iPod touch systems. Rubbish! In the last week or so, since I have been using my Palm T/X I have been singularly impressed with good applications, and shocked at the pure Rubbish applications that […]

Palm and the mysterious nosedive

I am seeing all sorts of articles about Palm and handheld devices in general being in a nosedive. Handheld Sales Nosedive and Handheld sales continue to slide and it represents what is wrong in market research. Market Research! The primary reason that Handheld sales, and most notably Palm, it this. While most companies are in […]

The Stockmarket as Reality

I always love this Microsoft delays launch of Vista and Apple Stock price drops. With this kind of reality, it doesn’t matter how good Mac’s are or how much better OS-X is (now and in the Future) than Vista. If Vista fails to ship, Apple loses. It’s like if the sun does not rise, neither […]

Apple’s “Fun New Products”

No one appeared to notice the item pulled from Apple’s “Fun New Products” Event Coverage today. Looks like the missing item might have been compared to the MicroSoft’s Origami. Or maybe Apple is waiting for the patents to be awarded.

MacTel FireWire

I’m constantly amazed about all the fuss about only one FireWire connector on a Laptop, iBook, or PowerBook. It just speaks to the ignorance about the difference between USB 2.0 and FireWire 400/800. USB is a one to one serial connector, Firewire is a Bus connection much like SCSI only serial. Therefor you can connect […]

The other shoe and Mactel

Intel may be dropping the other shoe Intel to unveil shift in design… The whole problem with the current Intel Pentium is old legacy architecture. This may be what Jobs saw at Intel to help make up his mind to switch to Intel. This may include more improvements from the Alpha team.

Apple DRM

Again I agree with Daring Fireball about the TPM chip in the Mactel developer systems. And I’ll say again, what makes you think that the CPU or any other part of the Mactel production systems will be like a generic Dell PC? Not going to happen!

Mactel points for Yohan/Pentium/Alpha

Jobs did not say Pentium, he said Intel Apple said coding should work for Intel if the code worked for the G3 PowerPC. This places the Pentium 4 used in the devloper boxes in the same class as a G3 PowerMac. Making the Pentium a third class citizan in the Mac world. This could roughly […]

The Future of Technology

I recently watched the latest Star Wars movie and while the plot was well known to me, I was very happy that the threads in the movie did a fair job of connecting the movie to the original three episodes. I have observed that the technology displayed in the movies is also interesting in that […]

Apple’s Piracy Marketing

There is an article and an idea Mac OS X on Intel: Try before you buy?. That just tickles my fancy. This would be a great marketing idea, Piracy as a marketing tool. Apple releasing OS-X for Intel to the Pirate world without having to support it. But still alluding to it as the future […]