Walking on water

Some time ago a visitor to my site commented that the photo I used as a header was ‘Horses walking on Water’ and I really never took notice, but yes, they do look that way. But this photo taken with a very cheap digital camera just didn’t bring out the picture well enough to see […]

Learning Computers and Computing

I have been doing research into the nature of computers and I’ve been participating with with the phenomena know as Coderdojo. As part of my research I’ve been relearning Assembly language on several different architectures, and I’ve been experimenting with such things a the ELF Membership Card which I soldered myself and is currently running […]

Apache Web Projects

Having just escaped/exited from a brief encounter with a company utilizing some of Apache’s Web Projects. I keep being struck by the feeling that I’ve seen the issues before. Over a fairly long run in the IT industry I have the feeling that Apache and it’s contributors have been busy re-inventing the wheel. The Apache […]

Nokia, a wholy owned subsidary of MicroSoft

The writing was on the wall when Elop (read eFlop) was forced in as CEO of Nokia. An X-MicroSofty with his head up MicroSoft’s butt. UPDATE: In this article Stephen Elop Responds eFlop states he has been investigating the Microsoft stragedity from only the last 4 months, what a lie, that’s that what Mubarak was […]

Another WordPress upgrade failure

Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.0.1.zip… Unpacking the update… Could not create directory.: /public_html Installation Failed Why does it need to create THAT directory?

Amazing Internet

Yesterday I just got a trackback from a new article on Business News, Advices, Quotes And quite a handful of link through’s from there also. The funny part, call it amazing, they were linking to blog post I wrote 18 Months ago. Hardly a current, breaking news item, but the article seem to be quite […]

Blogging has ended

You can now prove that blogging is dead! While visiting Easons bookstore, there were no less than 7 different books on WordPress Blogging.

A life of Social Connection

If we met someone extraordinary, really extraordinarily extra, would we reconize it? Would the very nature of being extraordinary also include modesty to the point of masking the extraordinary? Could we see itself therefore expressed? I’m reviewing now, as I think I’ve met one.

iPad Virtual Keyboard censorship

This thought has come to mind as there are many voices out there who have commented on the iPad’s ‘virtual Keyboard‘. Many have found it hard to type on and found themselves unable to touch type on it as the very nature of touch sensitivity makes it impossible make contact with the ‘keys’. In other […]

Baidu Spider is MIA

Is it me, or my sites, that the www.baidu.com spider is no longer scanning? I have normally been scanned several times a day by that Chinese Search engine, but they all stopped yesterday? Perhaps a crackdown? Who knows, but there is a missing element now in the internet.

The Nokia N900 in use, a perspective.

I’ve had my Nokia N900 for almost 48 hours, and while I’ve have a few frustrations, I’m equally satisfied with the product. And so to keep it geeky and simple: I’ve logged into the device (not really a phone) with SSH from my desktop. And it just looks like a standard Linux system. I’ve logged […]

Keeping up appearances

I almost let my new resolution go today, but 23 hours in, I decided that that would be too much of a slip. so I twitted that my blog, only got 873,101 Hits, 273,506 pages and 32,382 Unique visitors last year. And I thought I owed you, the reader, something more. So if anything comes […]