I like Tim Bray’s http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2005/05/11/IBM-GS commentary on IBM Consulting.

I suggested another example of this effect, Oracle. Years ago I was always amazed that 60% (or more, now) of Oracle’s income was from their Consulting branch.

As I have worked most of my life in Databases, I have seen Oracle in production in many environments and have been amazed at the cost of keeping it operational as a Database. My preference has always been Sybase, and while I’ve worked on Oracle (and DB2 and others) Oracle has always been the most expensive to operate. Typically when I see an Oracle instance there are 2 or 3 Oracle consultants assisting the company staff install and/or upgrade, and usually a company staff of 4 to 5 DBA’s to maintain it after. I have seen upwards of 25 DBA’s maintaining a single Oracle instance. While in the very same company, Ten (10) Sybase ‘Servers’ many of which operated upwards of 50 databases each required only one (1) DBA to keep them up.

What surprises me, is Managements consistent desire to Move Sybase databases to Oracle instances given the expenses involved.

But then after 25 or more years in the IT business, I still do not understand a Managers thinking processes. You would think after all this time I could read the bosses mind, perhaps there isn’t one to read?