Work Life and Retirement

I was doing some face time at my work site in Donegal and I was staying in a hotel as opposed to my usual B&B. It was a nice hotel, but what struck me were the tourist arriving in Buses and staying at the hotel. I noticed that most were retirees and a thought came to mind that this might be the last generation able to retire.

There is talk in the UK and Ireland for raising the retirement age to 67 or 68 to save the pension systems. I have quite a few years until my retirement, and by that time, the mandatory dates might continue to slide away from me as I approach my retirement, to the point I may never be able to retire. Or worse yet to not be able to afford to retire. That’s enough to scare you into an early grave, come to think about it, that may be the real plan all along.

Mac OS-X.4 upgrade

I Just recently upgraded my old first generation iMac (Flat panel, 800Mhz) and I have to admit I’ve been lazy. I have never run ‘disk permissions repair’ or ‘disk repair’ in the three plus years I have used this Mac. This is mostly as there appeared to be nothing wrong enough to use these tools. I started out with 10.2, upgraded through 10.3.9, but when I tried to move to 10.4, it failed citing ‘software errors’

So I actually had to try a ‘permissions repair’, no problem, it found a couple miner issues and fixed them. Then came the ‘repair disk’ under first aid, bad news, it could not repair the disk. And I thought, S__t I have to back it up. Good thing I have this external Maxtor, and I started a full backup. 20 Hours later it finished. Fearing the worst, I started a cleanup and moving some of the my important files, (iTunes songs, ect) to DVD-Roms. When I started to clean up some of my Virtual PC disk images (version 5) I had a disk copy failure on an image file of a Lycoris install I had created for testing. I finally managed to delete it, and got inspired to try the disk repair again, and bingo, it fixed the problem.

Now if the disk repair application could have told me I had a bad file, I could have saved a lot of time, heartburn and grey hair and I could have just removed it. It wasn’t that hard in my opinion, so why didn’t the disk repair just not offer to remove the offending file. I have no clues.

Other than that, the install was easy. And I’m a bit wiser. Backups are good, backups are wise.

Employee Opinion Surveys and World Peace

I have just filled out an Employee Opinion Survey, and it struck me that the tilt of the survey was how did the company perform at communicating the company goals to the employees. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see an opinion poll that would gather the goals that employees wanted for the company and attempt to move the company in that direction. Things like “World Peace”, might just happen if a few mult-nationals started leaning that way. But that would be democracy in a business context, and the neo-cons wouldn’t like that.

Mactel points for Yohan/Pentium/Alpha

  • Jobs did not say Pentium, he said Intel
  • Apple said coding should work for Intel if the code worked for the G3 PowerPC. This places the Pentium 4 used in the devloper boxes in the same class as a G3 PowerMac. Making the Pentium a third class citizan in the Mac world. This could roughly be equated as a baseline for the Mactel.
  • Coding for the Pentium instruction set is not the same as coding for the Pentium CPU. The instruction set can be emulated by the alpha for instance.
  • The Pentium, by ALL accounts is out-of-gas at 4Ghz, this isn’t a future, it the past. any new procesor will have to have either a faster, or a much wider future. 128bit anyone?
  • And what of the Altivec thing, such a good idea should not go to waste

Yohan and the Mac

Every one in the Mactel discussion is talking Yohan, or the Pentium D as the new laptop chip for Apple. But I’m not convinced. There is another chip in the works. One with Apple fingerprints on it. And while the developer boxes are only using a Pentium 4s now, I will NOT expect the new Mactel IntBooks (read PowerBook) or IntMacs (read PowerMac) to be generic Pentiums.

Can you imagine the names if they used Yohan, YoBooks or YoMac. It just sounds wrong.

Upgrading to Mac OS X Tiger

I have just upgraded to OS X Tiger and I have to say I’m happy, No, Impressed! I’m am using WordPressDash widgit to post, and I have to say it’s very useful. I can now post without a browser login. widgets are great, and further more Spotlight is more than I expected. I have disk images from the three previous Macs I owned, and I can find things from all of them, from along time ago. Very cool.

Industrial development and food service

I’ve been in the U.S. on vacation and I’m of the opinion that the U.S. is in trouble. Not the first time I’ve thought this but the news here is very strange. The first bit is that the foreign car makers have chosen to manufacture cars in Canada instead of the U.S, due to the illiteracy of the U.S. work force. Not much of an endorsement for the U.S. education system.

The other bit is a personal observation, the only industry in the U.S. advancing is the restaurant business. There are more food shops starting in the U.S. than people to eat in them. And the thought comes to mind, who’s eating in them. It’s no wonder that people in IT are working now in food services. It’s the only place that’s hiring.

Mind you I’m not currently visiting any of the centers of technology, but even there, food is king, not technology. There appears to be no industry to speak about. No future in IT or computers, or science not related to food services. Just fat people. My wife will tell you that I’m not skinny, but here I look skinny.

This is very sad Americans are becoming fat dumb and lazy. In an interview with a London residents after the bombings on the 7th of July. The news reporter interviewed a person presenting a alternative view of the bombings and the interviewer cut them off. Even the press here do not want to hear anything that might be construed as un-American.

Someone needs to present a little reality into the American press. Time for a little honest truth about the sad state of the United States. Do you want fries with that?

Apple, XML and Podcasting

Seems like Apple is in hot water about Podcasting with many people accusing them of making the podcasting used in the iPod, proprietary. The whole nature of XML is that is is extensible, by anyone. While I’m not in the loop about current podcasting formats, it looks like there is no standard as yet. And most of the podcasting is being made up as they goo along. As far as I can tell of Apple development, they generally try and make it usable by the general user, not the Geek or earlier adopter.

Seem like the market is wide open to XLM formats, and Apple is not wrong to develop one to suit Apple and it’s customers.