Irish Pensions, A loosing proposition

Seems like you can’t go a day without a corrupt politician shooting off their mouths.

Certain Irish minsters are now suggesting that all Irish workers should be forced to invest in private pension funds.

These are the same private pension funds, that over the last three years have LOST money. And the Irish know that, why would you invest in a bank that looses your money, you wouldn’t.

But the government wants to FORCE people to invest their money in pension funds that loose money. That can only be due to some brown envelopes being passed under the table by the pension fund managers. Managers who rewarded themselves last year for the pension fund that lost the least. What kind of business is this.

Another Cloudy day

Do you ever get a feeling of impending doom?

Maybe it’s just another gloomy day, and not Rita.

But there may be more at work than the weather. Change is in the wind. And I’m not speaking about the weather. Even if there is Global Warming. Or that the Politics are heating up. Or war, or maybe it’s just a combination of these things. Somethings not right with the world today.

More later….

Maybe I need another Coffee.

PAR and Katrina

I have been privy to a story, or a rumor if you will, dealing with Katrina and recovery operations.

The story originates from PAR, a utilities contractor and the story/rumor comes through the company rumor mill.

There was a workman from PAR found dead hanging from the power lines where he was performing Katrina related repair work. (PAR normally operates as a High voltage line repair contractor, so this was not a local power line he was found on. )

The story goes like this, he was found, but the ‘authorities’ will not, or would not let the body be returned to the family in Kansas. The authorities also claim the body would have to be buried in LA, and that no post-mordem would be allowed.

Now, it is not unusual to have individuals work on HV lines alone, and it not unusual for them to be killed by things like lighting, or falling, but working on HV almost always involves the power to be OFF! And ANY death is followed by a post-mordium, company policy!

The question are;

Why are the authorities preventing the examining of the body?

Why won’t they permit the family to take the body home?

How did he die?

Was he shot?

The timing may coincide to the ‘power on’ Photo-Op event in NOLA that Bush put on, and the ‘finding or the body’ seems to match the ‘lights out’ after the event was over.

Did this lineman get ‘burned’ by the bush event?

That’s the story/rumor, I do not have the name of the lineman at this time. But there was a death.

I would not be surprised if this is not completely true. But it has a lot of contractors stirred up.

Republican Politics, The ‘Sin’ of Greed.

There is an artical about the Music Companies getting Greedy and it brings up thoughts about other forms of Republican Greed And it all makes sense, “Greed is good!” Greed is the new Republican version of the American Way!

The Republicans are now trying to cover their ass over Katrina, by making it nearly impossible to dislodge them from Congress.

Republicans are now saying, if you can’t win on the facts buy your way back into Congress. Prevent Freedom of choice.

Impeach Bush and the corrupt Republican party which supports him. Vote for ANY NON Incumbentant running for a Republican seat in Congress.

Update: Looks like another Greedy Senator Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist under investigation. Are there NO honest Republicans?

Update, Again! And another fallen Greedy Politican DeLay Is Indicted

Who’s next? Rove?

Branson and The Oil Cartels

Putting on my tin hat again. Look to this story.

Richard Branson wants to build his own oil refinery This is all well and good. But the tin hat part will appear when he truly attempts to build one.

Watch this story to see how many roadblocks and obstacles appear to prevent anyone from building any new oil refineries.

Bush and his Oil Cartel buddies will throw everything they have into preventing any outsider from entering the business, including any politicians they own.

Impeach Bush and his Oil Cartel Buddies.

First update: First reaction Opec discussing extra oil output

Another Update: Note that this call is for the existing oil companies build new refineries, and in the U.S.A. Bush pushes for new oil refineries

Civil War

The current talk about Iraq appears to be civil war, and how to prevent it. In reality you cannot prevent of a Civil war, you can only provide a when it will happen. Every democracy has had to have a Civil war. It is almost a requirement, whenever a passionate desire to control one’s own fate using the tool of government overcomes the ability to argue the points coherently is breached, then civil war will result. The flash point is subject matter. In many of the western democracies the passion is over an Ideal, a principal formed in the popular thoughts of the population. In iraq the subject is religion, a subject swimming in passion. There will be a civil war, can’t be stopped, therefore the goal goal will have to be, when it will be allowed to happen.

The most probable course of action will have to be providing an accommodating framework for all current parties to form a point of intersection. A meeting place where a basic common grown can be formed. In Iraq, this common ground will be a very small place. And it will not look western, in any, way, shape, or function. The attempt to ‘push’ western shaped organizations into a islamic world will not work. Unless a common foundation, comfortable to all participants, can be built, democratic organizations can not be built.

This has been the misguided adventure of the Neo-Cons. Their belief that the western foundations, the western common ground, is the same as an Islamic one, and can be easily overlaid onto a Islamic one. It is misguided, build a foundation, then let the organizations build on solid ground. The Muslin community must be allowed to build it for themselves. In some perceptions, the ‘terrorist’ in Iraq are no different than the Minutemen of the American Revolution. The British at that time called them ‘terrorist’ also.

And NO, it will not look like, nor act like a western democracy. And shouldn’t, It’s their country. Not, the one that the Neo-Cons would have and control. After all, the Neo-cons are only attempting to provide the illusion of democracy, hence the support of the Egyptian ‘Democracy’ which was fundamentally the same one that existed under Hussein in Iraq. The only difference was Hussein did not take direction from the Neo-cons. At least not recently, after all they put him into power in the first place. Put like Mary Shelly’s monster, it got out of control.

It’s about the Oil! and the power that oil provides, Energy, Economic and Political.

Impeach Bush and his Neo-Con masters.

(Funny didn’t he seem like a puppet on a string accepting responsibility during his speech)

Looks like this will be happening sooner than later. Undeclared Civil War In Iraq

The Assault on Federalism

Katrina, may have been a natural disaster, but it was a predictable one. And I’m not talking about the death, destruction and economic. It is a disaster for the Republican agenda, and again I’m not talking about the current administration and the current crop of politicians either.

The Republican agenda has been the systematic destruction of the federalist, centralist government of the United States of America otherwise known as the U.S.A. The disaster has been exposing this agenda too early. Well before the planned execution of the victim, the Federal Government. This might sound a little too far into the arena of the tin hat brigade. But the fundamental has been to push control of the government back into the state house. States Rights!

A world where the Federal government only has the power to regulate interstate commerce, and provide for the common defense, and very little else. The civil war, which was fought over this goal (not over slavery) failed in this pursuit and is only now coming to fruition in the form of an internally crippled, bureaucratically corrupt, and functionally inept federalist structure.

The fundamental goal of the Republicans was to demonstrate to the world that a Federal government was flawed. The failure of FEMA while appearing to be a failure of the government was in fact a victory for the Republicans. A further proof that the Federalist system does not work.

The disaster for the Republicans has been that it has happened when they are in power. If the the plan was to work, it was necessary to be the responsibility of the Democrats. Or any other person or party other than the Republicans. Katrina came too early, caused too much destruction.

But part of the demonstration, was to show that Republican controlled states like Florida, could manage, while a Democratically dominated ones like Louisiana could not.

They are likely to succeed in any case, as the Republicans are still in control of the Mass Media. Controlled as they are by big business. There is little information being disseminated that provides the true ‘Big Picture’. And what there is, it deliberately spun into a muddle to be interpreted as needed and to generally confuse the general population.

Another tenet of the Federalist government was a free and independent reporting of the news, another target of the Republicans. A goal mostly accomplished, with perhaps the oversight of the internet. A goal still firmly in their sites. With goals of censorship of the Internet content being then next element on their agenda.

And with all this, do you think Science has been excluded, far from it. It falls into the same category as truth, as the truth from their perspective is something to be managed and subject to interpretation. Redefinition, refinement to provide a more productive result.

But back to the disaster, the trouble with all this talk about decentralizations, is this, it’s not the President’s Job to redefine the government from a Federalist to a State Republic. The President is elected to uphold the constitution, including the three branches of the government, all of which the Republicans do NOT currently control. And hence is an Impeachable offense under the constitution. And exposing this Republican Goal is not a Republican Goal.

Impeach Bush , and impeach the republican goal!