ID and a weak God

I am constantly amazed at the so called Intelligent Design (ID) arguments and all the religious organizations trying to get ID introduced into Science classes as an alternative theory.

I don’t even think that they realize that doing so, shows how weak and human their god is. That ID represents god’s so called OmniPresent, OmniPotent powers in the same vein as a satellite orbit that has to be corrected from time to time.

ID isn’t an assault on Science, it an assault on religion. If you weaken God to the point that you can attribute human behavior to him/her/it then you can make such a god mean anything, represent anything, do anything without reason, or motivation. That kind of god can me corrupted in just the same way as any politician. And that is very easy. It justifies every corruption we see in politics today. God did it, or God told me to do it! It’s Gods way.

If you assume that there is such an OmniPotent God, then there is no reason to believe that everything that is observed in science, by the reasoning that God has granted us, is not as Darwin has predicted. Evolution is as close to fact as we weak humans can determine at this time. We have no other observable ‘facts’ available that can refine this more, yet! That is science, discover more, find more, refine more. Our satellites need constant correction, because is don’t know every thing yet. But we get better at it, every time we work at it. Every time we refine our theories of, well anything we theorize about. Science is probing, and seeking, without prejudice.

And ID is prejudice, and any religion that supports ID is expecting science to be prejudiced in just that same way. Always leaning in one direction, always needing course corrections. Always wrong.

9/11 The Movie

RTE are showing the 9/11 Movie, Michael Moore’s demonstration of what the American People elected. If only half, hold that, if only 10% of any of this movie is even remotely true. Everyone in the White House should be indicted or impeached.

I couldn’t even watch the entire movie, I couldn’t allow myself to be angry that long. At least I’m not going to permit Bush’s corruption affect my health.

When Empires fall.

I have been ask before why I get so emotional about politics in the U.S.. I own no property there and no money in the banks. I have family and friends living there in various parts of the country, and I worry about about them. But, I’m safe in a little Republic (who’s still trying to finding itself).

What bothers me the most is watching The Grand Lady fall. It’s like watching the Fall of the Roman Empire in Internet time.

It will be ugly, and painful.

Internet Censorship

It has come to me just now why the U.S. has tried to block the adoption of the ‘.xxx’ domain. It came to me when reading this article on the BBC Internet child porn block calls.

If there is the xxx domain, and the porn sites moved to this domain. Parental blocking of these sites would be easy.

And hence the real reason. Content could be blocked by domain address, rather than via filtering content. Utilizing filtering, any kind of censorship can me undertaken. You could block anything that is deemed ‘Obscene’. And that is a very soft definition. Any religious, or political subject could be considered obscene, and therefore block-able.

Child porn is only the trojan horse to begin this paradigm shift in thinking.

Now I’m sure this is not a surprise to some, but I just had to state this out-loud.

Interesting how the spellchecker brought up BlackBall along with Block-able. The new McCarthyism?

Follow the money!

I watched portions of “All the Presidents Men.” last night. And it reminded me of the one statement that should be burned into every reporter, investigator or blogger on the planet.

Follow the Money!

In all this agonizing about the Iraq war, and the motivations for the invasion. No one has ask where the money went, or maybe the Oil? Where is the oil from Iraq going to? Who is profiting from the war, and who has been paying for the support of politicians who support the war?

Just as in the past philosophy, morality and ethics get trumped by Money, greed and selfishness.

Follow the money.

Even the ‘Oil for Aid’ scandal has a American connection. There may have been some people at the U.N. involved. Money can buy anyone. But the financing came from American interests.

You will find the same in Iraq. Follow the oil from Iraq, and you’ll find it in U.S. refineries.
And where is the money, did the Iraqi government receive any of the money? Have the oil riches, enriched the Iraqis, or the Americans.

Follow the money!

Skype’s Encryption

In this article on Boing Boing Skype’s security reviewed Cory Doctorow states:

It’s a truism in security that a security system that is kept secret is a not secure

I have never hear such a stupid thing in all my life. But he quotes another :

As Bruce Schneier says, “Anyone can design a security system so clever that he can’t think of a way of breaking it,”

Hence the independent review that Skype has performed. The only thing I’d have done differently would have been to have two independent reviews, by people that know crypto.

And this next statement is the icing on the cake:

A much better answer would be for Skype to disclose its code

What a stupid thing to do! This would be the last thing I would do with a secure code. Then you would have a bunch of hackers publishing exploits in days.

I am a supporter of Open Source, since before Cory was a twinkle in his father eye. (known as DECUS) But this one, is just plain dumb Cory.

Strange Search results, using

I have been finding that many of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Technorati, and Feedster are returning different search results for the words . Now I don’t use these words in real text on this post as an example of this. Now I know that certain words have been blocked on Google. And most of these are for the Chinese government. But the odd results are showing up in Europe as well. are important words that should not be blocked.

Term Limits for Congress

Years ago the ‘Next Big Thing” in Politics was going to be ‘Term Limits’. Whatever became of term limits, I wonder.

Could the Republicans that campaigned so hard for it when the Democrats were in the Majority, now have no stomach for it, now that they are in power.

Maybe it’s time to bring back the concept of term limits. Even the silent Democrats need shaking up in Congress. Time to clean house and throw out the incumbents. Fresh blood, can do no harm there.

The Missing Movie, Martial Law America.

Years ago I watched a movie on TV, in black and white, as that was the only kind my folks had at the time. But the movie made a lasting impression on me. It may have been written for today, but the setting was the 60’s, men dressed in black suits white shirts, very sinister.

The plot when like this:

  • There is Martial Law in the United States of America. As a result of some form of terrorism.
  • The period of Martial Law was coming to an end
  • The current President’s eight year term is about to expire
  • the Martial Law’s constraint on freedoms has managed to create an underground ‘Resistance’ movement.
  • the government has secretly arrested an army general who is suspected of being part of this movement
  • he is suspected of leaking, or attempting to leak information that the President will use Secret Service agents to blow up several power plants in the Southwest United States in an effort to maintain the continuation of Martial Law. And to halt the next election, and extend his ‘leadership’
  • The President plans to blame the ‘Terrorist’ for the bombing
  • the terrorist knows of the generals arrest, and while they know that he is not part of the movement, they free him, and discover the plot
  • the ‘Resistance’ groups defend the power plants from being destroyed

From that point I don’t remember more of the story.

The important point is this. I have never seen or heard about this movie EVER!

I vaguely remember that the general was played by Robert Duval, a very young Duval.

This movie is scary, placed into the context of today’s events, that if I put on my tin hat. It would make a great conspiracy to believe this movie is missing because it has become a Republican blueprint for the future. And hence it has disappeared from the film vaults of Hollywood.

On the other hand, it could have been just another ‘B’ movie actors would just a likely be ashamed to be associated with. But it’s absents is disturbing, considering all the trash that is still around. A story with this much political meat in it would likely find an audience.

If you know this film, post a comment, and let me know.


The company I work for does teleworking, and it’s expanding after a decision was made NOT to build another building, or to rent more office space. It really turns out that the only real impedement to a successfull teleworking of staff overflow isn’t the technology, it the perceptions of Management. The distrust of the employees to not fiddle when they should be working.

I have found that usually I get more work done while working from home. There are so many less distractions here. I don’t have to listen to the general office noise. And I take shorter lunch breaks. Usually only a few minutes long. Management should try it for themselves, it works.

And since the customer is as far away from here as at the office. It makes no difference.