Freedom of the Press is an expensive asset

Sometimes an asset can be a very expensive. But the Danes should be proud of the comments by their Prime Minister here Danes face growing Muslim storm

“The Danish government cannot apologise on behalf of a Danish newspaper. It does not work like that… and we have explained that to the Arab countries. Independent media are not edited by the government,”

Defending the freedom of the press can be a hard thing to do, but a correct one. All things in context, the Danes are free to do what they have elected by their own laws to allow. And extreme reactions to the sovereignty of a nation should not be violated by any nation, or religion.

Freedom of Speech

It has been expressed to me that, Freedom of Speech does not also grant Freedom to be Heard. But what is one without the other. What outrage you can generate when a freedom is taken from you. Some lessons are hard to learn, some loses beyond replacement.

Such are the freedoms granted by the Constitution of the United States of America. Their grant, precious beyond words, their revocations beyond any single president.

Upping the Ante

Here is a radical idea, let the Iranians have a nuclear bomb! Now wait for it, but make sure all of their neighbors have them also. Israel already has them, Pakistan and India also, Russia, not a problem.

My Indian friend has told me that major warfare between the Pakistan and India have been greatly reduced after they both got nuclear weapons. Guess what, neither one now wants any disputes to escalate to the point where they would have to use them. But they both feel safer.

How’s that for reverse logic.

Sounds a lot like MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction. The same thing that prevented the U.S. and Russia from wiping each other out.

The Truth in the Press.

A very good read at We Hold These Facts about the Washington Post and the Abramoff story.

But what is really at the heart, is Freedom of the Press and Corporate ownership of the ‘Truth’. We can only thank the freedom of the Blogsphere that does not let corporate and political ‘Spin’ destroy the Truth.

And like this gentleman, I hope that they will rise above the corporate corruption of the Truth. And defend a true Freedom of the Press in the form of honest reporting.

Torture and domestic Spying, the really big picture.

I have been reading some of the Right-Wing Blogs, and they either don’t get it, or they do and believe that anything that will protect them from the great terrorist boggy man is Ok by them.

Don’t they ever get the point, Domestic spying is illegal. The Bush Administration know this. They also know that any evidence acquired in this method can never be used in an American Court of Law. It would be thrown out for being illegally obtained, this is why the FISA courts began denying so many of the taps requested by this Administration.

If they can not use this information to bring criminals and terrorist to trial, what good is it?

It’s being used to snatch people in the U.S., and other countries, for the other illegal act they are promoting, Rendition, a pretty word for Kidnapping and Torture.

Hasn’t anyone else figured this out yet?

Bush and Chaney had no intention of ‘bringing terrorist to justice’ they are too busy establishing a Rein of Terror of their own.

Impeach Bush, Chaney and the rest of this corrupt and Illegal government.

Update: FBI Sought Data on Thousands in ’05

Updated again: The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans

Any more arguments?

Osama Bin Laden as counterpoint

Isn’t it so very interesting that everything in the speech from Bin Laden acts as a counterpoint to George Bush. At a time when Bush’s popularity is at it’s lowest.

Osama opens his mouth, and fill George’s hand with trumps.

I may have to add another layer to my tinfoil hat.

Update: looks like I’m not the only one who thought that the reappearance of Osama was ‘convenient’ Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape

Al Gore and Wingnut Bloggers

I didn’t even have to know that Al Gore had made a great speech, or to know what he said. All I had to do was look at all the Flak that the Right Wing (GOP supported) Blogsphere was putting into the internet about it.

I could only find one link Al Gore: Bush must be probed

And wouldn’t you know, none of the Mass Media seem to have taken any notice that he even gave a speech.

So much for “Fair and Balanced” coverage of the news.