Looking for good in Iraq

Looking for the ‘good things’ in Iraq might just be the very thing to bring Iraq awareness to the forefront. If the Majority of Viewers Feel Iraq Coverage Is Flawed as in this article. ABC should go find it. If they can, if it really can be found, then that would put to the test, the question that the media is flawed. If it can’t find any good in Iraq then it would also prove the reverse. That Iraq was a mistake, a flawed nonexistent plan by the Bush administration. And then questions could be ask about what good it really did….


I forgot the Bush administration doesn’t want people to ask questions, so maybe they will prevent the media from finding any good in Iraq, so that they can continue to blame the media for Iraq.

No, I must have my tinfoil hat on too tight.

Political Critical Mass

In a nuclear reaction, radioactive material is brought together until neutron density increases until critical mass is attained, and ‘boom’, Fission happens.

I think the GOP and the current administration has brought the political climate in the U.S. almost to critical mass. I believe this is getting to that stage by, of all things, reading geek news groups, blogs and message boards.

Geeks are a unique breed, give them enough technology, and they are happy. But lately many of the tech talk sites are degrading into political debates. Well not debates so much, as strangely, they have taken a very anti-republican, anti-adminstration, anti-GOP stance.

When you get stimulated geeks together, you get new technology, fission/fussion reactions. If the politically activated geeks apply themselves, we are going to get new government. And I don’t think the Democrats are going to be any more the winners here than the republicans.

All I can say is it’s going to get very explosive, politically speaking that is.

The Stockmarket as Reality

I always love this Microsoft delays launch of Vista and Apple Stock price drops. With this kind of reality, it doesn’t matter how good Mac’s are or how much better OS-X is (now and in the Future) than Vista. If Vista fails to ship, Apple loses.

It’s like if the sun does not rise, neither will the moon. What kind of people trade stocks anyway. Apple will be making a killing on the Vista delay, heck, with Vista out of the running for the fall Christmas season, there will be only one computer to buy for the back to school crowd?

Religious Indoctrination

There has to be someone, some where, laughing his head off at this article. And I don’t think it was God.

Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority

but I really love some of the quotes

sharing their vision of American society.

This tends to suggest that the study is less than reliable, this kind of survey has bias written all over it.

Atheists are also the minority group most Americans are least willing to allow their children to marry.

Did anyone one have to translate what Atheism was to these subjects?

atheism |ˈāθēˌizəm| noun the theory or belief that God does not exist.

Maybe they thought that…, Shite, I don’t know what they were thinking.

Multi-National Corporations staging for U.S. economic Collapse

There appears to be a clever and subtly move by many Multi-National corporations to move their operations and capitol investments into European and Asia regions. This has partly been accomplished under the guise of outsourcing of critical infrastructures, and the apparent diversification of manufacturing and distribution.

While maintaining appearance of having their ‘Headquarters’ in the U.S., many corporations have transfered their primary corporate operations to multiple locations abroad.

From the evidence at hand this is an economic move to deflect the projected collapse of the U.S. economy when the shift of oil pricing to Euros occurs.

This has been a test of the Emergency Economic Broadcasting System. Should there be a genuine collapse of the U.S. Economy due to massive debt expenditures, and bankruptcy. The following will be repeated moments before the Internet is shutdown.
Thank you for your attention.

Information Stressing

I have noticed over the years that when a big issue appears, or when big issues are in the news over a long time, that people in general tend to become saturated with the subject. They ignore it in favor of mundane trivial subjects. It occurs at a more rapid rate when there is someone, or something confronting the subject in question. It happens even faster when the subject is controversial. Subjects like Religion, Science, politics and War are such subjects. When there is a long running issue, the general population generally duck for cover into non controversial details like gadgets and toys, entertainment, and Hollywood stars, restaurants and food, anything not related to the controversy at hand.

This may be due to the belief that ‘someone’ else is dealing with it. Say a government, or a politician or priest. And that therefore it need not be necessary for themselves to deal with it. Or it may be due to fear of confronting the issues, and either the belief or hope that the matter will just go away.

All of these behaviors are indicative of a generally ignorant population, or of a population completely overwhelmed with information. And that’s the point, I can’t tell the difference.

Blogging is a point in reference, the blogging world will hop on a subject to great illustration and commentary, but like a wave, the focus moves on, crashing on another subject shore.

I have noted such waves in my blogging statistics, when the wave is high, any comment I make on the focus-du-jour brings in traffic. And when I comment, or post an article not in the ‘curl’ of the wave, the traffic diminishes. And while the subject I post might be important (at least to me, or the world as I perceive it), it gets no viewing. It is easier to post trivial things, computer items, trinkets, gadgets subject materials, than it is to post subjects with substance. And I get more traffic dealing with gadgets than with the ‘big’ topic items.

Go figure.

Religion vs Morality

I have been struggling with the concepts of Religion as the source of morality. Each religion I have encountered believes it is the sole source of morality. That to be anti-religion is to be the same as amoralism. I always find that I am very much anti-religion, as it seems to make most people blind and dumb to the world. I think of myself as a scientist, looking at the world as a reasoned individual, but I believe that I am also very moral. Perhaps due to my brushes with a religious upbringing, but I believe that I have, at this stage in life, created my own moral compass removed from any religious aspects. And while I remain spiritual, I am not a religious person. The term ‘Religion is an anathema to reason’ or ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’ has strong meaning for me.

This has been brought to the forefront by the ranting of Radical Islamic Clerics, and Fundamentalist Christians ministers who both believe that they are locked into a war of beliefs. And all I see is two factions fighting over political control of an ignorant public.

I believe that if education was allowed to teach the facts, and that people could realize that there is morality without religious foundations. Most of the public would choose the secular morality. And that clerics and minsters who interpret their respective texts, are using these works as a control for their own purposes. That under the appearance of being a moral tool, they are deliberately distorting the message to strike out at opposing religions in a desperate attempt to prevent a secular approach to morality.

Both religions (in fact all religions) are fighting for control, in a vain attempt to preserve their institutes. And that real education, and real truth are the enemy. This appears to manifest in the so called Republican war on Science, and the secular religious schools of Islam. The truth, and perhaps the rational view of facts is being subverted to prevent a more just view of the facts and a clearer view of the truth.

We did not walk out of the jungle, or climb out of the evolutionary ladder just because God Placed us there, we got there, by way of our reasoning minds, and rational thought, corroboration, cooperation and trust.

Update: I heard about this when I posted this article, but I’ll link it now as another confirmation that religion is more concerned with ‘turf’ and not the spiritual nature of the human condition. It also reflects a ‘Burnt Earth’ policy. If we can’t have him, no one will!

Abdul Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and could face the death sentence under Sharia law unless he recants.

Afghan Faces Death Penalty for Converting to Christianity

The Republican’s are getting Desperate

The Republicans are so desperate to get out from under the corruption scandal(s) (pick one), illegal NSA spying, and Dubai port debacle that they believe that a Call for Censure Is Rallying Cry to Bush’s Base. This is assuming that the 34% of Americans who don’t want him Impeached will rise up and defeat the rest of the country who are already up in arms over presidential incompetence. You can tell when they quote Rush Limbaugh that they are stretching for the highest moral ground that they can reach, the gutter.

It goes to show, when an honest politician (and when I say honest, I mean doing his job) stands up and attempts to censure a president conducting constitutionally illegal NAS spying. That Politician, will not be a Republican. In fact, it’s sad to say, the Democrats spineless response does not merit their reelection either.

RTE at Ballincollig Castle

Looks like a crew from RTE will be snooping around Ballincollig Castle tomorrow (16 March 2006) the day before St. Paddy’s Day.

Hope they find a good story about the urban encroachment that is seeking to surround the Castle grounds and destroy and archaeology that might still be there. I wish we could have gotten Time Team to do a dig for the the BBC.

More to be found at Ballincollig Heritage

Swearing on the Bible

When I read this article over at DISPATCHES FROM THE CULTURE WARS It got me thinking.

The fundamental reason people are sworn to their oath on a Bible during government hearings or swearing in ceremonies does not so much bring religion into the proceeding as it does the foundations of ones honesty.

This may seem strange, but using the Bible for someone who believes the Bible (or God) will harm him if he speaks a lie, is at it’s root. But that root is founded in the understanding that;

1) the person believes in the bible, and
2) that the person believes he will be judged for his lies, should he speak any, by God.

If the person does not believe in the Bible or a God, or that he believes he will be forgiven for his sin of lying, then there is absolutely no reason, or purpose for the Bible to be used. There is fundamentally, only the belief that the person being sworn in is standing on his honor, and if the person has no honor, then anything that person speaks could be a lie.

The question then becomes if a Muslin is sworn on a Bible does it mean anything at all, would a Hindu feel bound? How about an Atheist or a Buddhist, or any politician who only plays the part of a religious person to gain votes. The un-righteous mocking the righteous.

It does not even become a matter of separation of church and state, it’s more a matter of trust. And can you really trust politicians, at ALL?

More DRM nonsense and the French iTunes

It looks like C|Net and The Inquirer have both gotten their stories wrong.

French look to open iTunes to other music players


French tell Apple to open iTunes

There is no need for Apple to change it’s DRM solution and their claim that it “would force Apple to open its proprietary iTunes” is nonsense.

The law would allow the French, and only the French to break DRM to allow them to put digital music into any device they choose. A very good thing for the French, and a very short lived attempt to circumvent the recording industry in their attempts to DRM the world.

It will not be Apple that takes action, but the recording industry they will be up in arms and the French will either be cut off from all digital content. Or their new freedoms will disappear.

Update: As noted above the French have been forced to rewrite their ‘Law’ as French DRM law gutted by committee

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EFI, Vista and Apple

The news circulating around the web that there will be No Vista on Mac’s horizon. is part FUD and partly an indication of the crumbling underpinnings of Vista.

The first part, the FUD part, is that 32 Bit Vista will not work on Mac’s new Intel platform. This is partly due to the new “Extensible Firmware Interface” (EFI) that is used in the new MacBook, iMac, and iMac mini. It has more to do with the decision that Vista will be looking to a past vista, looking backward to platforms that do not have EFI. If Vista had not work on the old BIOS systems there would have been no backward compatibility to older (i.e.. Current) hardware platforms. The other part is that this is only true of 32 bit, and not the 64 bit version of Vista.

The second is, believing that the new Mac’s Dual-Core Intel’s do not support 64 bit computing. They do, it’s just not switched on until OS-X fully supports 64 bit computing.

To make matters worse for Vista, is the very need to support BIOS in the 32 bit version. The BIOS has been a weak link in the Intel architecture for years. There has been considerable effort put into attempting to convert Intel partners to EFI over the years, and while Microsoft will support it in 64 bit Vista. Vista in 32 bit, will suffer feature loss at a greater rate than most users will expect.

This is all part of the bigger picture to force a major upgrading of the user base from pervious MS operating system versions. The fact that many companies are still utilizing Windows 95/98 and 2000 are a constant irritation for MS. And the subtle obsolescence of BIOS will be the tip of the knife blade to force computers to upgrade to EFI and 64 bit windows, err Vista.

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Republican Congress, unaware of the U.S. Constitution

If anyone doubts that most of the Republicans in Congress are unaware of the U.S. Constitution, Here is an example:

Eavesdropping bill spurs concern

So just for the Republicans, who skipped U.S. History and Civics I’ll quote

Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”