Spam, as terrorist message system

My tin-hat is defiantly on too tight. But having been browsing around in my spam mailbox I noticed how easily messages could be inserted into spam as meda-data. Random sentences containing messages, either encrypted, or just random ordered words could be sent from any email system, with no accurate return address, to any other destination without arousing suspicion.

It’s almost like shortwave radio, broadcasting from any location to any receiver. The receiver can even acknowledge the receipt by responding to the URL to trigger the acknowledgment.

Update: I never got to my point, sorry, we may all be receiving terrorist emails. 😉 Now, go and recheck your spam.

John Spillane, true Corkery

Saturday night the wife and I had some good craic at the John Spillane concert at the Cork Opera House. And while I had never heard anything about him, he was going to be singing about the Ballincollig Castle, so we went. And while the program started out a little rough, his music grows on you, and I really like his music, to the extent that I bought one of his albums on the way out.

Today while ripping it to my iPod, I noticed that it identified the genre as ‘Rock’. Now that would be about the same as calling it Opera. So I renamed it to something more fitting ‘Corkery’ a new unique musical category.

John Spillane

Iran-Hostage, Iran-Contra, Iran-Nuclear, a pattern?

We know that the Bush family has had dealing with the Iranian government for many years. In fact many Illegal dealing with them. There is more than a little tin hat theory that this current Iranian ‘Crisis’ is yet another Bush deal to have a ready enemy for the fall elections. Something to scare the grumbling herd of GOP voters back into the republican camps and ensure at least some republicans get reelected and to prevent one or both houses of congress do not fall into Democratic hand.

From The Iran Hostages Fix

Suspicions about a deal between the Reagan campaign and Iran over the hostages have circulated since the day of President Reagan’s inaugural, when Iran agreed to release the 52 American hostages exactly five minutes after Mr. Reagan took the oath of office. Later, as it became known that arms started to flow to Iran via Israel only a few days after the inauguration, suspicions deepened that a secret arms-for-hostages deal had been concluded….

There is, however, widespread agreement on three points: William Casey was a key participant: the Iranian representatives agreed that the hostages would not be released prior to the Presidential election on Nov. 4…At least five of the sources who say they were in Paris in connection with these meetings insist that George Bush (senior ed) was present for at least one meeting

…suspicions deepened that a secret arms-for-hostages deal had been concluded. Five years later, when the Iran-contra affair revealed what seemed to be a similar swap of hostages for arms

What makes it more interesting is this article Administration Blocks Ex-Hostages’ Bid for Damages From Iran

But the administration has thwarted every effort in the courts or in Congress to win a monetary judgment against Iran, even as other victims of Iranian-linked terrorism have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation

…the Bush administration intervened, saying the suit violated an agreement with Iran that had secured the hostages’ release…

To make more of a point, the current President of Iran, was one of the Iranian kidnappers. Interesting circularity here, don’t you think.

Pissing match over Iran.

The The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the The President of the U.S. George Bush have a lot in common. Aside from them both having small penis’s (hence the current pissing contest). They both like to rule from fear. Ahmadinejad, by making his people afraid that the U.S. will attack Iran. And Bush, the American people, of a potential nuclear weapon that the Iranians might produce.

As I may have mentioned before, I had an Iranian roommate in college. This was when the Shah was in power. And the student was in the engineering school trying to avoid getting a degree in nuclear physics because he did not want to help the Shah develop a nuclear bomb. The U.S. of the time, supported this effort of the Shah, just as they supported Saddam.

The U.S. has been making a potential hell out of the world for a long time.

I just wish one of the presidents grows up, and grows some balls, and steps back from the brink. I suspect it won’t be Bush, as I pretty sure that as a chicken hawk he has no apparatus.

PNAC, MySpace, Murdoch and Technorati Search

I was disturbed the other day that Technorati was returning a different political balance when I searched. It seemed that the entire blogsphere had moved to the right. And I noted that most of the links were in MySpace blogs. I didn’t think too much about it, just that MySpace bloggers might have been very busy on the subject I was searching for.

Then I saw this:
NeoConservatives: Destroying America for Republicans and Democrats alike

and noticed one thing out of place, or rather one person Ruppert Murdoch and I remembered my search results. And remembered that blogspace had been bought by Murdoch. The phrase from the article “Control the International Commons of cyberspace” struck home.

Could Technorati search results be biased to conservative Blogs on MySpace?

Even given the easily availability of my tinhat close to hand. This scared me. I hope it scares you also. Has someone gained control of blog searching. Could they? And is this part of the NeoCon plan?

Update: More interesting things about MySpace Murdoch wants teenagers’…

Nuclear First strike was granted years ago.

With all this talk about a Nuclear First strike on Iran, no one bothered to notice that this plan has been in the works since December 2002 since the start of the Iraq war and published here in the Washington post September 11, 2005 Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

To quote:

The Pentagon has drafted a revised doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons that envisions commanders requesting presidential approval to use them to preempt an attack by a nation or a terrorist group using weapons of mass destruction. The draft also includes the option of using nuclear arms to destroy known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Bush has been planning to Nuke somebody for a long time, that would surely guarantee his place in history. The First Strike Nuclear Killer.

The last time nuclear weapons were used was as a Last Resort, By Harry S. Truman. If you use Nuclear weapons at the beginning of a war, where does it escalate from there?

That should scare any sane person, too bad the U.S. does not have a Sane President. (If the president is not sane, does that mean you could replace him on medical grounds?)

This is your most Dystopic Science Fiction movie plot, an Insane President with his hand on the nuclear option.

Funny, I don’t remember any of these movies working out very well.

War with Iran, a dead certainty

Lets be entirely clear, I’m not i favor of a war with Iran. I wasn’t in favor of a war with Iraq either. But it happened, and the war will happen with Iran, just a sure as the sun rises in the east if George Bush remains as president of the United States. There is nothing in his past experience that would force him to rethink his ability to make war on anyone he wishes. With the republicans in control of Congress, and the Supreme Court. There is little expectation that he will face any opposition to his madness.

So the real question is this, what are we going to do after

Bush Nuke’s Iran in the name of the American People

hits the front page of the world newspapers?

It will be like watching the elite Iraqis scrambling to leave Iraq, we will see the wealthy and well connected in the U.S. vanish out of the country leaving the poor and middle classes to suffer the wrath of the Muslim/Iranian reaction.

And 9/11 will look like ants at a picnic.

History repeats

If you do this simple exercise with history in mind.

If you refer to George W. Bush as King George II (King George I, being his father)

Then Iraqi insurgencies could be rename as American patriots rebelling against their King.

The Iraqi ‘problem’ is sounding more and more like the The American Revolution

Or if Iraq is headed for Civil War, you could translate the causes from the American Civil War as this.

Change the conflict origins from

States Law VS Federal Law
Religious Law VS Secular Law

And guess what, you gain more perspective here

Sleeper Cell

I have been watching the advertising for ‘Sleeper Cell’ a television program about Islamic terrorists in a western country, trained to hide, and poised to strike on command. This is a standard, ‘spy vs spy’ plot line used in many novels, so the plot element is well known. It’s great when used to produce paranoia in your reader. It’s an even better subject when you use it to control the public. If you point to the possibility, or the probability that there are ‘Sleeper Cells’. ready to strike the public at anytime. You can pretty much do anything you want to that population, their induced paranoia will allow you vast powers to subvert their freedoms and liberties.

What isn’t well known is the concept of a sleep cell is another way to describe an oppressed minority group, any group. As the the description of a cell as a small group of angry people so frustrated, that they are willing to lash out at the majority in a culture. Calling any minority group, a sleeper cell, allows you to suppress that group even more. And, better yet, conditions the majority population to assist you in that suppression. The only difference between the dreaded sleeper cell, and a group of frustrated teenagers is the myth of control. The sleeper cell takes orders from a leader, or a cause from outside, control is from a mythological and mysterious external source. The teens lash out, either from external peer pressure, or from their perceptions of the environments, or from just plain anger.

So the concept is, more or less, a Spin name for a frustrated disenfranchised minority. Again, ANY MINORITY, and that applies to vegetarians, immigrants, old age pensioners, atheists, christians or Muslims. Whom ever you want to suppress, call them a ‘sleeper cell’ and suppress away. They are now the enemy, and you no longer have to deal with their frustrations, or their needs. You no longer have to deal with mythological and mysterious causes for that frustration.

Sound familiar?

Who Hammered ‘The Hammer’

There are numerous articles about the resignation of Tom Delay. The one I want to hear is ‘Who hammered the Hammer’? The vile, dirty politician did not go willingly, and even knowing that he was indicted, and sure to see prision time. The last thing this man was, was magnanimous. Considering that the man thought that the republican party was his to control, his personal plaything. There is little doubt that he didn’t go willingly, assuming that he is leaving.

The question really should be, who made him quit?

Update: Looks like maybe the feds did, as it is beginning to look a lot like a federal indictment

London Trip

I just got back from a trip to London and I have to say what a mad city that is. But it got me thinking about London as mixing pot of people and cultures. It used to be said that America, the U.S., was the mixing pot of the world, but in the republican paranoid nightmare that they have created there, immigrants are no longer welcomed, hence no more mixing. And this might reduce the cultural friction, but I think that a little friction is not a bad thing, it’s a form of adapting if everything was smooth and no friction it would be the same bland. Friction moves the world along.

The other thing I noticed, No one looks at each other, the only time I had eye contact we had a little dance to avoid each other, when no one looks every one seems to just naturally avoid collisions. See each other causes collisions. Go figure.

All in all London is a Big and impersonal place where no one seems to stick out, and no one gets any respect either. This could be the single reason there is tension and stress all the time here, even the pigeons looked like they were working for a living.

But is was fun, I suppose, you just have to take it in small doses. I much prefer Cork.