WMD’s boogy man, out of control.

I have always been amazed at the attitude of the the NeoCon far right wing in the United States. When Europe suggests a course of action like the Ceasefire in lebanon, most take it just on face value, a suggestion. When the NeoCon’s make a suggestion they expect immediate action in compliance to that suggestion. And when that suggestion is not heeded, great anger, and self righteous indignation follows. We are a SUPERPOWER we should be listened to and heeded. This is the voice of Olympus speaking.

It’s no wonder that with a belief in their own Godhood that their religions beliefs are also in a God who they believe grants them a divine destiny to lead the world. Unfortunately the god that they worship, is a self deluded composite deity designed by them. They have, like buggy software, designed in many loopholes and insecurities. Personal insecurities. When confronted with reality they resort to sound bites and rhetoric long since debunked. A powerpoint presentation that has lost its point, like blue screens full of cryptic error messages. Just like the cryptic messages from the Oracle, most religions are a mishmash of interpretation by clerics of all religious automatons. The NeoCon beliefs are no different, if there is no Boogy Man, you must create one.

For the fall elections in the U.S. we will see if the presentation of the GOP and it’s far right will get it’s tired story rewritten or not. It is not a good sign when the constant reiteration of Weapons of Mass Destruction that often defines the Right has continued to sink in with the voting public and more and more of the mindless in America still believe that WMD’s still exist, and are in the hands of the Hezbollah. How many times can a single item be used? How many times can crying wolf illicit a response before the people stop listening, and ask for the truth.

It’s truly amazing how much the beliefs of the GOP mirror that of another previously overturned regime.

“What luck for the rulers that men do not think”

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”

Adolf Hitler

Because God knows you can’t have a government represent it’s citizens

File this under stupid if it weren’t so funny Sad.

Anti-Americanism prompts push for “citizen diplomacy”

By Bernd Debusmann, Special Correspondent
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With anti-American sentiment at unprecedented levels around the world, Americans worried about their country’s low standing are pushing a grassroots campaign to change foreign perceptions of the United States “one handshake at a time.”

The idea is to turn millions of Americans into “citizen diplomats” who use personal meetings with foreigners to counter the ugly image of the United States shown in a series of international public opinion polls. They show widespread negative attitudes not only toward U.S. policies but also toward the American people and, increasingly, even American products.

To stem the relentless decline of America’s international standing — a dramatic change from the almost universal sympathy for the country immediately after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington –leaders of more than 30 civic organizations formed a “Coalition for Citizen Diplomacy” two years ago.

The coalition, a loose alliance of national, state and community groups, held its first national summit in July in Washington, where speakers deplored the sorry state of the U.S. image but expressed hope that individual action and international people-to-people exchanges could go a long way toward improving things.

Wouldn’t just be easier to impeach the President and throw out the Congress and elect new officials that DO represent the American People?

Israel loses the War on Terror

While there is much debate as to the nature or and motivations on the part of Israel and Hezbollah. There is almost no doubt that Israel has lost this war. It may not be the war on the ground, but they have lost it none the less. It’s the same war George Bush is continuing to loose on behalf of the U.S. and that is the war over the moral high ground. Israel has failed to demonstrate that they are correct, or are responding to this ‘event’ in any way other than a fanatically mindless drunk. Striking out at an enemy that they can not beat, with weapons and methods that only serve to strengthen their enemies. Not unlike what the NeoCons of the Bush regime offer every day. It’s no wonder that the only support for in this Israeli madness is the U.S. Government. Even the British are waking up to this insanity leaving Israel and the U.S. standing alone, again.

The reaction of the Israeli government is over the top, unfocused and banal leaving everyone to wonder what the real motivations really are. Certainly not to rescue a few soldiers who were captured, certainly not to prove that they would go to any length to defend their borders. Something else is at work here, and a worst case, the belief that there is something sinister at work defeats Israel every day that they continue this course of action.

Time for a cease fire, and an end to madness. Or Israel will loose everything, not just this war.

Participating, a democratizing activity in blog space

This article The Hype
vs. Reality vs. What People Value: Emerging Collaborative News Models and
the Future of News
. Brought up some interesting ideas when blog space becomes a democratizing element in politics, traditional party politics loose power and control of the discussion. It’s no wonder that blogs have resulted in much consternation of the reigning Irish political party.

On the other hand, is it no wonder that the most practical defense of the status quo in Irish (and worldwide) politics is to prevent broadband adoption. Less talk, less action translates to less access to Blogs, and the Internet for information and dialog means less pressure to adopt radical ideas in the political arena, like working for the public good, instead of against it.

A radical idea like participation is a political poison pill.

No Blogs, no participation.

Irish Politics, and blogger voices

Damien Mulley has managed to fire up a discussion on Irish Politics. Here; Labour consider inviting bloggers to the Ard Fheis. Oh how terribly nice of them! and here Irish Bloggers will not influence the election and while I think he really is concerned, I think he is doing a bit of tongue in cheeky just to stir things up a bit.

Fundamentally the question is how do you connect with politicians that want nothing more than to be completely removed from public opinion. It’s no wonder that they are having such a hard time taking bloggers seriously. They don’t want to talk to any individual let alone one who will publish the conversation on the internet five minutes after the last pint is gone.

I have never seen a government this far removed from public scrutiny, and who prefer to remain out of reach of any freedom of information requests. I doubt 2 people in 10 know how the current politicians got into office let alone the process on how they got elected. And the politicians are happy with that situation. Completely!

Why disturb the status quo?

Maybe the Irish deserve better? (that includes me now)

Election Terrorism

Funny how an Election year where the GOP, Lie and Die party are in trouble, manages to bring out the terrorist in the U.S.

US foils ‘New York tunnel plot’

And even funnier how all that so called illegal surveillance at AT&T is now justified.

The alleged plot was discovered during routine monitoring of internet chatrooms used by extremist groups.

What’s the Terrorist alert level now? Double Orange, or super duper Red?

What will be really scary is that when the polling numbers for the Republicans continues to drop, that “Suspension of the election will be instituted to Protect the Public” will become a real option for the GOP.

Religious Control, an exercise in secular power

Not that I didn’t know this before, but if there is Death for Somali Muslims who shirk prayers they must not believe in Islam, or they would not need to enforce prayers. Aren’t we glad that George Bush and his Christian fundamentalists do not incorporate this into the U.S. constitution. Oh, wait that’s why they want Intelligent Design and prayers back into schools. But in reality, prayers of this type are just a secular demonstration of power. Not unlike what kings expected from their followers, a belief that some men are gods. After all, if you control their lives and their death, you are gods. Islamic and Christian clerics alike relish this power on earth. All religion is more or less a power trip to the practitioner. Why should anyone be surprised when religious law is the law of the land, it only substitutes one form of secular control with another.

Don’t you think god could enforce their own religious laws? Why would a cleric need to? Power!

Must be a really weak god.

Meta Data and search engine response

I have been observing internet search engine behavior lately and I’m beginning to believe that certain types of meta data in the HTML may elevate various web-pages to the top of search results. I haven’t found anything conclusive, but many of the top news sites include interesting meta tags, and I’ve noticed these meta types absence in similar output from Blog sites. I have often suspected that it would be relatively simple to control search results and hence elevate opinions on the internet by such manipulation.

I’m am not referring to the massive meta tags use in many pornographic sites that include anything, and everything so as to be included into any search results, but specific tag types and names. I’ll have to do more research, but in the mean time, I’ve made some attempts to include similar meta data in some of my blog output. I’ll keep you posted.

Scholarly lost logic on Hamdan case

Sometimes when you read a long and detailed train of thought from a Scholarly writer often the pure dazzle of the dialog can conceal elements that on first pass seem reasonable. Let me illustrate, this example attempts to defend the creation of a special class of ‘detainees’ as in the case in Guantanamo.

The law should permit the targeting of individuals who are actively engaged in terrorist planning and actions, so long as it is highly likely that the target is an actual terrorist, that the number of likely civilian deaths is proportional to the likely civilian deaths that would have been caused by the targeted terrorists, and that there is no other alternative – such as arrest – that is feasible under the circumstances.

Lost in the equation of U.S. law are elements like, “innocent until proven Guilty” and the right “to face their accusers”. More fundamental is the lack of a vital element, ‘Subject Identification’, ‘Quality and source of Intelligence’, ‘qualification of identified terrorist target.’ and more important “Who is doing the definition and interpretation of the targeted terrorist. “. These are know as ‘Evidence’ and a trial by jury based upon evidence and the rule of law.

And while the “anachronistic laws” that this article seeks to repeal are mentioned, not once is it described why such laws exist in the first place. The laws that this professor Dershowitz would have you repeal are the ones that were put in place to prevent the burning of witches at the stake. They were to qualify the identification of witches and hence terrorists as well. The reduction of anyone to be identified into special classes goes to the heart of U.S. law.

The author goes on;

Anne Fitzgerald of Amnesty recently compared the alleged terrorists being detained by the US and its allies to the “disappeared” in Argentina during the Junta. The comparison is obscene. The disappeared in Argentina were mostly political opponents of the Junta, many of whom were tortured to death and dropped into the ocean from aircraft.

But then he does not defend the fact that ‘terrorist’ is an arbitrary label, and in it’s nature IS political! Anyone can be called a terrorist. With no evidence, how is this any different to what the Argentina government did?

And again about terrorist;

They cannot be held as POWs until the end of the war, because this is a war that will never end.

The real question is one he doesn’t ask, is this a real war? Mind you it’s being advertised as one, but other countries have been targets of terrorists before, and have never classified them as wars like the U.S. has. It wasn’t a war when Timothy McVeigh blew-up the federal building in Oklahoma, it was a terrorist act, but not a war. But further he does not mention the POW in relationship with evidence of a crime, or if they really were terrorist, in his own words ” A few wore ersatz uniforms; most did not. Some were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. ” So where is the evidence! This goes to the heart of the supreme court decision on Hamdan, that they cannot be denied a trial!

if Professor Dershowitz is really “America’s leading liberal lawyer” he needs to get his credientials renewed.

Search Engine results are rubbish

I’ve come to the conclusion that Technorati, Feedster, Google, Altavista and Yahoo provide guaranteed rubbish as far as content search. I recently re-ran some simple searches and they returned absolutely zero useful links. Search for products, and you get a wealth of information.

So a question for the internet, is there a good content search engine?

Digitized life and the human mind

Often when we talk about digitizing something we make reference to how accurate that becomes. We assume that qualifying and abstracting our analogy world with an arbitrary numeric precision that we have encapsulated reality in a reproducible and consistent manner not previously available in an imprecise world. We talk about digital cameras and CD music as if they are the hight of accuracy when they are merely an imprecise abstraction reduced to digital form. We can have all the Mega-pixels in 24, 36, 48 bit depths cameras in the world and still only capture a poor semblance of our world. The compromises we make to the almost good enough CD quality sound to the crude compressed noise of MP3 has affected extensively how we think about everyday life. We make decisions every day in a binary this or that product, my way or your way. However we are forever forgetting the initial compromise of our digital choices. There is a world of values between one and zero, and there is a world of difference between “the perfect product” and one that’s “almost the right product” The world of the tailors custom made suit and the cobblers hand made shoe have been lost to digital one size fits all product mentality.

This applies to the world of software where vendors of CRM and ERP claim to have the definitive answer to everyones problem. The customize in custom is no longer available. When doing business with anyone, is the same for everyone, what happens to delineation of value. A CRM is the same for every business, and forces it to conform it operations to the design of the CRM. It no longer provides a custom solution for a business to provide a custom experience to the customer.

One of the missed opportunities of the internet bubble’s collapse, and a missing aspect of the Web 2.x, is the ability to provide an entirely customized experience to the customer. To even provide a customized product to customer specs. This was in some aspects part of the success of DELL in the computer world. But it has not provided, as full an experience, as could have been provided.

This is part and parcel connected to the compromise we make in a digital choice. No tailored answers, no personalized perfect solutions. Dell and the CRM vendor, are in the business of narrowing the selections and reducing the choices to a qualifiable numeric.

Just like the digitized stair-steps of an analog wave of music, something is missing in-between, we are loosing unique for digital normal. And while many can live with CD’s there is that niche still holding out for their vinyl, and there are still tailors.

The tailors do not strive to be millionaires, they are making a living, providing custom solutions.

Web 2.x should be about custom solutions.

GOP does not understand the Geneva Convention

But what else is new, they don’t even understand the U.S. Constitution, let alone the Foreign laws, like international Law.

You can’t be accused of war crimes if you don’t commit any! Now GOP congressmen are afraid that;

“means that American servicemen potentially could be accused of war crimes. I think Congress is going to want to deal with that,”

Isn’t that why they passed an anti torture law? A law that the president chooses to ignore?

The Geneva convention was established to protect American soldiers, not to attack them. If the U.S. held themselves up to the Geneva Accords there is nothing to worry about.

prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons:

(a) Violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;

(b) Taking of hostages;

(c) Outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment;

(d) The passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.

Honest American values!

From under what rock did these Congressmen crawl?