Tax free Science and Maths

If Ireland can support the Arts and Music with a tax free environment, but is now worried about Science, Mathematics and Research. Why not grant the same favor to Scientists, Mathematicians and Researchers? Since there are fewer Scientists, and Mathematicians, than there are Artists and musicians, and in generally they make less money, and hence pay less taxes anyway, why not support them, and make it entirely free of taxation.

This might go a long way to making Science and Math more interesting as a career and might bring in more research institutes and Business to Ireland.

The people of Ireland are owed shares of Aer Lingus

If the Irish government owns 80% shares in Aer Lingus, then the Citizens of Ireland own 80% of Aer Lingus. When Aer Lingus to float’s in September The Citizens of Ireland should automatically receive their shares as a part of the transaction. No if’s, and’s or But’s. This airline is owned by the people of Ireland and should have their money looked after by themselves, not some lowlife politician taking brown envelopes under the table to line their own pockets. This time let everyone watch who gets rich on this deal.

Democratic change in the wind

My father who lives in the central U.S. shocked me today with the admission that should a good Democratic candidate appear, he would vote for him. This coming from a WWII vet, and life long Republican conservative. He voted for Bush twice, and now he wants him gone. If there is a barometer of political change, this is it. Forget your polls, forget rhetoric, the Republicans, the GOP, is going to loose big time this year.

With one exception, there must be a good Democratic candidate to place before the people.

Where’s a good Harry S. Truman when you need one.

Catholicism moving back into the Dark Ages

Just when you thought that the Catholic church was becoming modern, they take a turn into the Dark Ages when the Pope sacks astronomer over evolution debate. Religious conservatives everywhere must be rejoicing that truth and knowledge will be suppressed. And you wonder the Catholic Church is loosing members. They would rather defend child molesters in their ranks, than a scientist teaching knowledge.

Dublin in my future

Looks like Dublin is in my future, it’s a good thing that I only have to venture into the barest fringes, Dublin 12. Far enough out to be near the country, and near enough to test the waters of modern mass transit in the form of Luas. We will see if that coupled with the potential, and unrealized hourly high-speed trains to Cork will keep me sane while still exploiting Dublin work economics.

I hope my fellow Cork Bloggers do not disown me. And on that front, I will continue to blog during my weekends home in the Peoples Republic of Cork

The truth the press fails to publish

When the press complain about bloggers, they always claim that bloggers do no research, and fail to verify their information before publishing. In recent Pew research 58% of bloggers do, research. Witness the alternative, that ‘professional’ journalist do research, and verify their data, then do not publish the truth, to support corrupt politicians. New York Times’ Eavesdropping Story Wasn’t The Only One Squashed For Bush During 2004 Campaign

Make’s you wonder who to trust, bloggers who publish information when they find it, or professional journalist who suppress the truth for political gain?

Not a very hard decision, is it!

Blog stats and Irish internet access.

I have been noticing in my blog stats that the number of hits from ‘Irish’ sites, and ‘American’ sites is roughly the same. The interesting point is when they switch places. The Irish stats increase starting on Monday and pass the american ones, until friday when they get passed by the americans through the weekend. As I suspect most of the Irish readers only have internet access from places of work. Either that or the Irish have more fun in the real world on the weekends. 😉

GOP vs The U.S. Constitution

As usual the GOP is fighting the notion that the U.S. Constitution is anything more than just that ‘dammed piece of paper’ that Bush likes to refer to. When they are forced to oppose the constitution, they make this out to be a partisan issue, like when a Ruling Against Wiretaps Further Sharpens Partisan Divide. It’s really very simple, Republicans are attempting to overturn the Constitution, and the rest of the country are trying to defend the Constitution. If that’s what the republicans call partisan, lets hope we can drive the monarchist out of control of the government in the fall.

Oil and the Island of Ireland

In resent years the Irish government in agreement with EU directives has handicapped it’s agricultural and fishing indrustry in order to secure funding of various infrastructure projects. And while in the short term this has benefited the Irish people, this is very much a shortsighted view, a typical Irish view of, ‘It’ll be alright’. However the issue is the assumption that the future will be, more or less like the present. And that is where it all falls down, the future of oil is not just one of increasing cost, it’s the eventual loss of oil altogether. This coupled with global warming issues poses different issues to Ireland, and to a lesser degree England.

They are Islands, truly geographiclly and economically. Issues of food production and importation are less of a concern to the continent EU than to the Islands of EU. Irish politicans are desperate to avoid thinking about what would happen without cheap oil, and the shipping of imported food and other commodities into Ireland. If food importation were to end tomorrow, vast numbers of people would starve in Ireland, perhaps worse than the famine years.

This is the future of Ireland, increasing food costs for imported food and goods, as there is less natively produced agricultural products and fishing. This will lead to economic ruin for most other industrial development as cost of living expences will drive industries to move to cheaper locations. Eventually with the complete loss of oil, Ireland will be isolated and destitute. And the Irish politicians who’s shortsightedness has destroyed Ireland, will be living elsewhere.

The Irish government should be focused on making Ireland self sufficient, less dependent on importation of food, and energy. All effort should conclude with infrastructure to support Irish food production, windfarms, and green issues.

The current government apparently does not have this perspective, and in the future, the Irish must seek to replace the narrowminded, shortsighted Fianna Fáil politicans. The future of the Island of Ireland is at stake.