A Generation lost

Crime statistics aside, much of the current crime has been committed by gangs. Gangs formed in the absence of alternatives in the infrastructure and jobs. Note also the glamorization of drugs and alcohol and the easy life. All these things are the results of neglect 10, 15 and 20 years ago of community infrastructures and youth facilities. Facilities still missing, and continuing to contribute canon fodder, in form of a lost generation, to the crime.

The old saying, the crows have come home to roost fits perfectly. And this will continue to happen until facilities, good facilities, youth centers, job training, and educational facilities. More funding for schools, and school facilities and good jobs, for students to look forward to working at, could provide alternatives to crime.

And of all things decentralization, of all things, could also be the facilitator of less crime. Rat studies years ago have noted that high population densities increase community violence. Decentralization of industrial jobs and government must lead to increased community infrastructure, schools, shopping and transport in more rural areas.

We are living in a generation lost, and it will not be mended by treating the symptoms, but by attacking the root causes. We will not save this generation until we save the next one.

The age of consent, should vote

Here is a novelty, if the decision on the age of consent should be lowered, why not let the citizens most affected by the decision be allowed to vote on the subject. Why not lower the voting age to 16 and put the decision up to the people. That would let the TD’s and Dail off the hook for any hard decisions that might affect their reign.

Passing the buck to the church, given their way, everyone will not permitted sex, at all! What’s good for priests, are good enough for the general population. How normal is that, no thanks.

The reality of he situation is, some 16 year olds are criminals, having nasty sex, in defiance of the law. The real issue is really education, no one in this puritanical country wants to educate the kids about sex, sexual health, and the emotional issues associated with sex.

Time for this culture to growup and find out where babies really come from.

What will 500€ buy these days

500€ that’s proximately what the surplus means to every man woman and child in Ireland today. What could you do with 500 Euros? Maybe buy a new government, or maybe add it with your neighbor’s 500 and help fix up the local medical facilities, or maybe your estate residents could help fund a rapid transit stop in your community. Maybe with the next budget, we the citizens of Ireland could vote for what we thought the budget surplus be spent on?

This Government is not in Business

Interesting, almost everybody I’ve talked to knows that government is not a business. So why is the government hoarding it’s our money? We gave the government money to spend on maintenance and infrastructure build-out, to help people and make the future brighter and better. If they aren’t spending it, give it back, they obviously don’t need it.

They are being told by ‘economic’ genius, that they should hold on to the surplus so that there would be funds for any crisis in the future. However the only known constants in the world are death and taxes. The government will ALWAYS have enough money, This government will always increase taxes when it needs it. It always allows energy, communications and transportation businesses to increase their rate at will, so we know that they will increase taxes should a crisis arise.

So why don’t we have a world class health system, why do we have high speed trains that can’t go high speed due to poor railroad tracks. Why do we pay taxes and get nothing back, except back talk from this government?

This week we will see how bad the hoarding will be. Who are they saving our money for, us or their ‘friends’?

History and Presidential ratings

We really didn’t need to have yet another article about how poor president George Bush has been, as detailed here;He’s The Worst Ever by the Washington Post.

The real question is why, with all the historical information about what constitutes a ‘Good President’, how he was allowed, by congress, and the general public to become the worst President in history.

A more pressing question will be how will they redeem themselves? Will the public, having now decided on a new Democratic Congress, put an end to the ‘worst’ president, and impeach him.

Only history will tell, let’s hope we won’t have to wait very long.