Headhunters and Monster.ie

If you have ever wondered how it feels to be a wounded deer amongst a pack of wolves? I now know, having posted my CV on monster.ie, and having ticked the ‘Public’ button with the expectation that some reputable employer might contact me, no less that eleven ‘headhunters’ have contacted me in the past week. And at first it feels good to be wanted, it has soon turned into a feeling of being a piece of meat being sold quickly to make a profit, before the ‘sell by’ date.

The only time I’ve been placed by a headhunter, it turned out to be my worst job to date. And I should remember this, but I continue to have to relearn this lesson. But as some of you know, I have very few contacts here in Ireland, and most of the jobs I found in the States came from contacts I had, or, believe it or not, my reputation, neither of which I have here.

Here in Ireland, job posting in the paper appear to be bare legal requirements rather than open positions that have been filled by preselected candidates or have requirements that require 5 years experience in a technology that has only been available for 3 years posted by HR people who don’t know a twit about what the job requirements really are.

The reality is that I would take a job in Cork at half the salary I make in Dublin (€ 60K) just to work back in Cork. Damn the fancy titles, IT ditch-digger would be fine, well, maybe but you get my drift, it’s just not worth the money to be working in Dublin. There is no other way to say it, working in Dublin sucks!

But Cork seems to be very ‘Cliquish’ and me having no contacts here is proving problematic. But I’ll bite the bullet and keep trying, the sun will shine in Cork someday, and so will I.

Politics online

In the category of ‘Dud’ with all the censorship, poor biased reporting, or just plain NO reporting on politics. How could this be surprising. Americans embrace politics online! Especially from the Mass Media in America, owned primarily by Big Business, who are the last to challenge the status quo. How would you ever hear the real facts about politics?

OS-X on ARM, opens up the world.

With the advent of the iPhone, comes the notion that OS-X now runs on ARM, the chip powering the iPhone. Something more interesting than that notion, is that OS-X now runs on an ARM chip inside an embedded device! Treo, Palm and many smart phones with windows mobile 5 and PDA’s are all running ARM cpu’s. That means OX-X running on just about anything. It may also be the reason that third party apps will not run, as there is no ARM/OS-X development environment (I’m a registered Apple developer). At best you need a compiler in the current developer package that can compile an ARM application. The current duel compile app (intel/PPC) could be used to deploy such a thing, but in a small embedded system would be wasting too many resources in that environment. Wait for for a Appet development package for ARM, then you will see third party apps.

Then wait for an applet to switch Mobil networks. 😉

In America, the news is no news.

For Christmas, I spent the usual stressful week with the parents, and brothers. Aside from from the normal family conflict, I was struck by the lack of any real news. Sure there were car wrecks, plane crashes, murder and what not, repeated endlessly every hour in sound bites as if someone could miss them. But no politics, international news, opinion, or discussion of world affairs. If the event unfolded beyond 50, or 100 miles from where you are listening, nothing.

I felt like I had blinders and cotton in my ears. The closest thing to world news was in the form of the 24 hour weather channel on the television. Its no wonder everyone watches it. Ask anyone about what is happening in Japan, India, Ireland or any place beyond 100 miles away, nothing, but ask them what the weather is there and they can give you the five day forecast for anyplace in the world.

It’s no wonder Americans are ignorant of world events, isolationist in their thinking, they literally are unaware events happen anywhere else in the world.

The U.S. is now the isolationist bubble George Bush was seeking, ignorance in education, and news alike. Not what you would wish on the leaders of the free world.

Long trip to Shannon

Never ever take the Dublin to Chicago Airlingus Flight 92.

This Christmas I and the wife decided to save some time, I’ve been working in Dublin this fall, and the idea of driving to Cork to pickup the wife and drive to Shannon to catch flight 92 seemed too much work. So the wife took the train to Dublin, and we would catch the flight at Dublin after a short taxi ride. Knowing that we needed to get to the checkin early, I got us to the airport with three hours till the flight. Waiting in the nearly empty queue, watching a thousand others in their queues, I thought I was smart. We checked in with ease, and then spent the next two and half hours waiting on a plane arriving thirty minutes late. No bother we got on the plane for a thirty minute flight to Shannon, where we were instructed to deplane for an hour trip through customs.

We could have slept in and driven to Shannon and had a good lunch in less time then we wasted in Dublin. Take a bus, drive yourself, if you have to go through Shannon customs just to get to the U.S. save yourself the pain, don’t fly out of Dublin.

Bye Bye BT Broadband

It looks like after the many exchanges of emails, I will have to drop BT as a broadband provider. They are either unable or unwilling to pursue the VPN issues I’ve been having.

When I can connect VPN to my office with a 28kbs dial-up, and can’t sustain VPN traffic on a 3MB/512kBs BT connection, it’s time to change providers. Mind you I still believe that Eircom is at the root of problem. So with that in mind, what are the options?

I’d love to hear of any good broadband providers in the Cork area!

Render all your opinions, please.