Windpower and Solar face uphill battle in energy land

In this age when oil and gas, nuclear and coal and turf are being pushed as the ‘Only realistic’ source of energy for the future. The real issue is not that solar and wind power can’t supply the current and future energy requirements. It’s that it can’t supply the energy needs in the same way as is currently provided! A centralized, controlled, and profited by, a central authority or business.

Solar and wind are distributed power sources. Shoe horning solar and wind into the monopoly energy scheme is impractical. This is an example in miniature of what wind energy represents, independence; Handheld windmills. Now I’m not claiming that we need to carry iPods with little windmills attached. What this presents is that this device is independent of the power-grid, the tit we are all used to nurse from.

It is not impossible to supply a few hundred houses from wind, wave or solar power. You just can’t do this by pumping this energy into a national grid. If each community were wired into a local wind, solar or wave system, a community could become independent from the energy monopolist.

And that is also why these resources are never developed, monopolies do not see the profit for themselves, and resist competition from any other alternative.

Centralization is control.

Time for us to seek energy independance. Think Solar wind and wave.

Blog Spam from Corporate Computing

Yesterday I actually thought that the blog spam I had grown accustom to had vanished. But it’s back with a vengeance today, leading me to one conclusion, spammers, or spam zombies were on holiday during the American Presidents day. And that could only mean that the zombie machines are located in corporate America and were turned off for the holiday yesterday.

Interesting, and frightening, as that does not reflect well on corporate infrastructure, Or that spam is an American corporate business model.

UPDATE: As I suspected US responsible for most hacking

Tax Cut Reality Check

Here is the real question, has any party in Irish history ever delivered real tax cuts after they have been elected?

While I voted in the last local elections in Cork a few years, my poor election memory has raised the the yellow card with regards to political promises. They never seem to happen.

So with that in mind, can you really believe any politician, or any party when they propose a tax cut?

Could it really only be an attempt to buy votes?

I’ll cash in that reality check!

NO, I don’t believe them.


YES, this is just idol political jockeying.

I guess we will just have to tighten our belts again.

Republicans are making Democrats

Prior to World War II, Americans were, much like they were before 9-11, mostly isolationist, self centered and generally ignorant of the world outside of the United States. The former, because they were turning away from Bloody World War I, and were trying to forget. The later was a forced ignorance of the world engineered by the Mass media owned and controlled by conservative big business, mostly sympathetic to GOP motivations. Years of manipulation with of the Idea that the media was ‘Liberal’ has convinced Americans that the isolation and selfishness was an American Ideal.

As an unexpected outcome of WWII, millions of Americans were introduced to the rest of the world, troops stationed all over the world, and even prisoners-of-war brought to the U.S. for internment influenced the population that there were people living in the rest of the world. People who did not share the american way of life. And Americans learned and gained an understanding, even a desire to know other cultures.

The current situation is a bit different, just as Pearl Harbor was different than 911, an unexpected difference is the decision to keep prisoners far away from the general population, partly to keep them from becoming ‘human’ and partly to keep them away from the U.S. Constitution, and the rights that it confers.

With control of the media the republicans have attempted to prevent interaction both with the truth, and any element that might make ‘foreigners’ less than the ‘evil’ monsters that the GOP needs to continue the war on the U.S. Constitution, for Iraqi oil, and to boost the Defense Industrial Complex. But keeping troops in enclaves (to prevent interaction with the Iraqi population) has lead to the uncontrolled situation that troubles Iraqi security, that prevents the Iraqi from learning about Americans, and from American troops from learning that Iraqi people are human also.

This isolation hasn’t worked, and soon American troops will be returning to the U.S. with a deeper understanding of the outside world, something the GOP did not want. And just as the U.S. became more democratic, more liberal, dare I say more international after WWII, so it will after Iraq. The Republicans are making Democrats out of Republicans, my father, a lifelong republican, is now thinking of voting Democrat. So will the pendulum swing from the GOP to the democratic party. Time will tell, the sooner the better.

Crying Wolf

It seems like the Whitehouse can’t keep themselves from crying wolf. With a history of lying and fabricating evidence even if Iran is suppling arms in Iraq, who could believe them. Bush is still Crying Wolf, It’s time again to bring up impeachment again.

If you can’t trust the President and his administration, how can you trust them to lead the country. Just as in the Nixon era, it’s time for another potato farmer to bring honesty and trust back into the Whitehouse. Time for a leader that the American people, and the rest of the world, can trust to lead the last superpower on the planet.

Vista’s new lemmings

Having seen the underoverwhelming advertising for Windows Vista, and hearing that as a result, PC sales have skyrocketed (a whole 5% represents a very low sky or a very short rocket). I felt compelled to repost an old favorite, Lemmings, one of the better Apple Ads. And it left me wondering if the surge in PC sales was to buy PC’s before they were loaded with Vista so that people could retain compatibility, and not become yet another victim of Microsoft Beta-2 testing. We did, as we just replaced the wife’s Sony laptop with new HP loaded with XP-Pro. We have tried Vista and determined that it is, really, just an XP service pack, and also required retraining as there was little that remained familiar in the interfaces. So the question arises, if you have to retrain, why not switch. So without further ado, Lemmings;