Bertie’s short memory

How many years does it take to provide ‘a few more hospital beds’. Today Bertie used that line, while explaining why his government is giving away billions of Euros in Public lands to private hospital developers. His government has been in power for 12 years, and now he is planning to supply a few more hospital beds? What happened to the campaign promises he made 12 years ago.

This is just another way to payoff campaign contributers.

Time, for a change!

Apple Leopard platform phase-out

This last 10.4.9 release of Mac OS-X has me again wondering about what platform’s will be set for end-of-life when Leopard is released. I’ve made the assumption that my old 500MHz G3 iBook would be on that list, with Tiger being the end of the road. But with my old iMac G4 the glaring problem is not the CPU but the lack of support for USB 2.1. If I were making that determination I think that any G4 with out USB 2.1 hardware would be the cut off point. This would put a hardship on me as then both my computers would need upgrading, or that it would save me the expense of buying yet another release of Mac OS-X. In any case both my machines are getting a bit long in the tooth. But I’m not too worried, my investment was a good one as both of these were ordered in January 2001 making them both 6 years old. I wonder how many PC owners have held out as long?

Long live the Tiger!

Apple update 10.4.9 for Mac OSX

One of the glaring gaps in Apple Mac-OSX is the near total lack of support for USB webcams. I often browse the PC shops hoping to see a OSX label on one of the fancy webcams, but it never happens. So when Update 10.4.9 came I was hopeful that the bullet point “Includes iChat support for USB Video Class webcams” that there would finally be support for webcams other than the Apple iSight. But not a single word of which ones were supported. So still no hope for video for my old Mac’s and with the removal of all iSight webcams from Europe I will never do video Skype, or iChat.

My thoughts on Gambling Ads!

Gambling ads ban to be scrapped

When are we finally going to pass a law on how to wipe your ass? Do you know how much toilet paper we waste in this country? Think of the emotional harm brought to our young people fondling their behinds excessively? Think of the environmental harm we are doing by cutting down all the trees to wipe our collective behinds?

Why stop with telling people what they can do? Why not publish a book on how everything should be done. That sounds like a ‘free’ country now, doesn’t it?

Wait, They have published books on this The Bible and the Quran!

What happened to Freedom, what are we fighting for all over the world? To bring the world under a collective control? Sounds more like religious restriction and control than freedom to me!

Isn’t that what Jihad is?

Global Warming Scandal

Having watched a program on E4 about the ‘The Global Warming Scandal’ I was gobsmacked, while I believe both sides of the argument tend to cherry pick the data, and that I believe that no-one has yet put all the environmental variables into a proper simulation of the environment (a simulation not a model) There was one point that I got out of this program. That the Africans are being suppressed from exploiting their own resources, coal and oil and that they are being denied their own industrial revolution and western prosperity. That they are forced to rely on unreliable Solar and wind-power for their electricity. And to this I want to rebuke.

First off the example of solar and wind power is presented from one of the worst and most incompetent installations of a solar panel I have ever seen. The presentation indicated that they had only the ability to run a refrigerator or a lightbulb. The first question you should ask is this, why do you need a light bulb in the day, the second is why only one solar panel, and then where is this an example of wind power. A very poor example altogether. But beyond this is another issue, and one that will completely underline the real purpose of this program. Economic viability!

Lets assume that these poorer countries did exploit their resources. The first issue is who will mine their coal, since these countries will either have to borrow money to finance the effort, or that some private firm will exploit this effort. This done, they will have to finance the building of power plants to burn the coal, building them near the major population centers is common. Or they will have to have a private industry build them.

Now one, any loan for these countries will require payment for loans, repayment in what ever resource the country might have, this falls squarely on the one resource that they were intended to exploit for the benefit of the country in question. Building the power generation facilities fall under this same problem.

Two, mining and generation provided by private industries will seek profit. And while mining will provide a re-sellable resource, it’s mostly not going to be profitable selling to the countries that need it. So power plants will either be small, located near large population centers, or non existent. And even if electricity were abundant in the cities, there would never be a power-grid built to supply electrify to this poor medical facility which was used as an example of poor solar installation. Because it would not be profitable! SO this would not solve the energy crisis for this instance.

Beyond this, the likelihood of a single lump of coal ever reaching an African power-plant is nearly zero. As the economics of energy predicates that the most willing to pay, will drive the price. And the western world will always be the ones to pay. This will drive the price of coal beyond the ability of the Africans to buy their own resources back from the mining companies.

Therefore the purpose of this program is to exploit African resources for the western world. Nothing else could be so clear. It completely removes creditability from this program. Forget the scientist’s and experts presented in this program, the underlining meaning is not to preserve the jobs and careers of Global Warming researchers (a poor point as they did not present any wealthy researchers), but to prevent the loss of jobs in the oil, gas and coal energy industries. To prevent any disturbance to the status quo in the wealthiest industry on the planet.


Royal Society vice-president Sir David Read said: “People should not be misled by those that exploit the complexity of the issue, seeking to distort the science and deny the seriousness of the potential consequences of climate change.

UPDATE 2: ‘No Sun link’ to climate change is another nail in the coffin of this film.

Update 3: it just keeps coming Prominent Skeptics Organizations and their funding sources.

Update 4: The Truth About Global Warming

Troop withdrawal to take place during a Democratic Presidency

Reposted from March 22, 2006 @ 13:15

It looks like the republicans and in particular GW Bush will dump the problem of withdrawing the troops from Iraq into the hands of the Democrats. This and the massive debt, discredited government services and wrecked economy will now be the fault responsibility of the Democratic party.

As the sole beneficiary of a divided and embittered country the Democratic party will have to set about undoing the damage and repairing the moral and spiritual values of the American people. Instilling trust and a belief in a free and independent representative form of government will be no small task in the face of such divisive tactics used by the NeoCon’s during the ‘Republican Years’.

Months ago I wrote about the republicans attempting to stage the collapse of the Federal Government during a Democratic Presidency and this could all be a next stage in their plan. Assuming I still have my tin hat on. But I believe that old adage that “You should not attribute to conspiracy, that which you can explain by incompetency”. And therefore I believe that George, and the republicans have discovered that they Have no plan, or ability to plan for anything related to Iraq. And are willing to wait for a Democrat to figure it all out.

UPDATE: Didn’t I say this a year ago:Bush policy to bequeath Iraq to successor

Perceptions of the Stockmarket falling

I love this quote from Jose Vistan of AB Capital Securities from World stock drop hits second week

“You throw away technical and fundamentals out of the window,” he explained. “Emotions are the ones driving share prices right now.”

The stock market has ALWAYS been about emotions. The entire market is all about perceptions, one’s perceived value of a stock or commodity. If this is the first time Jose has learned this, he should go back to school until he learns this.

The switch from BT to Eircom

This Friday we were informed we were paying for Eircom Broadband, no modem had arrived, and there was no disruption in service from BT. I was expecting a cutoff of service as Eircom ‘switched’ our service. It was expected as I was expecting them to transfer our ‘port’ from BT to Eircom before they started to charge us for it.

So on a lark, I reset my router to use the Eircom username password, and as easy as you please, the ip address of the router switched, and bingo, we were on Eircom. A quick change of DNS addresses and all was back to normal. Except that the domain was Eircom.

A check of the VPN connection, the primary reason for making the switch, and sure enough, a stable connection. Utilizing the same routers, wires and having made no changes to the router setting, I had a stable and useful VPN connection where BT had claimed it was my equipment.

BT, over the last few weeks, had become increasingly unstable with frequent dropouts, and performance issues. Some of this may not have been their fault, but their inability to repair and maintain, were their fault, and the response of their techies’ was unacceptable.

So now I’m Broadbanding from bigbrotherland, and strangely happy about it.