Pride and Honor

Having watched one of my favorite movies, The American President a movie I usually cry over, with a feeling of pride and honor. I realized that at no time in resent memory could I ever express such Pride and Honor over a real politician. With the gross lack of any real Honor, Respect and Pride in our current crop of standing politicians, I crave more, I want to respect my elected leadership, I want them to represent Honor, Humility and Pride in me as a citizen as I would have in them. I hope that my fellow Irish citizens feel that way also, that tomorrow they will go to the polls and vote for the persons they most Respect, not because they are clever, witty or jolly. But because they represent Honor, Respect and Trust, who will do the right thing for us, not just for themselves. To be Strong and Truthful, believing in us as much as we believe in ourselves. Deep in the Irish spirit there is that Honor, and there is that Pride, we can do better, we have earned that right. We are free by our own hand, and we require the respect that brings, and we require that our political leaders represent to the world that pride, and honor we have in ourselves.

A green road to Cork.

Having driven the Cork to Dublin (or Dublin to Cork road take your pick) more than a few times, I realize that the upcoming Motorway while making the trip faster, it will make it more dangerous, boring and expensive. It will be faster, burn up more gas, and toll payments, wear out my car faster, and cause accidents by drunks, boy racers and road fatigue.

But there is another cost, and this one is a big unknown, Lifestyles of the communities along the old road.

In many ways, the towns along the way make a living from the traffic, but in a more ethereal way the motorway will disconnect each community along the way from each other, and the people traveling past them. It will erode the distributed population, and create a conduit to increased centralization in Dublin.

Having grown up in the Central U.S. I know that the era of the superhighway pretty much destroyed small town america. In a real way the world passed them by, slowly draining away the youth, and futures of small towns. One more nail in the coffin of Ireland that was, one more notch in the handle of globalization.

And you know, I’m going to miss the view.

Dublin, second city of the British Empire

I was watching a historic program the other day, and was amazed that Dublin was considered the Second City of the British Empire, Second to London! Very interesting, so, in fact the people who pride themselves on being Dubliners are really (secretly) proud to be from the second city of the British Empire ๐Ÿ˜‰ and not really Irish at all :-0

Maybe that is why they continue to believe that corrupt politicians are the norm, and continue to vote for Bertie, better the devil you know, Eh!

The Rapture, past tense!

I have finally figured out why Fundamentalist Christian groups are so fanatical lately, it’s because the The Rapture has already happened ๐Ÿ˜‰ They didn’t get select to go, ๐Ÿ™ and so few did ascend that no one noticed. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ They believe the liberal press refused to report it, and that if they generate enough religious Zealotry that they can get Jesus to come back around for a second pickup. Enjoy the Tribulation ๐Ÿ™‚

Please Vote for me because…

Please Vote for us because …

Because I did not take bribes (don’t you believe him?)

Because I don’t burn cars, sell drugs, or support crime (don’t you feel safer?)

Because I don’t keep patients waiting on gurneys (just don’t get sick!)

Because I’m not continuing with stealth taxes (I can feel that extra change in my pocket)

Because I won’t shoot my foot off (I’m from stab city)


we won’t continue to give away public land to private Hospital developers as the next step in privatizing health-care

we won’t give away more public services like Eircom, and Aerlingus.

we won’t build and give away more public roads and bridges to NTR

we won’t continue to support monopolistic private businesses like VHI,
Eircom ( want to buy some shares?), NTR, etc

And above all, We will restore the Freedom of Information act, and become truly transparent!

Does anyone want to buy a bridge?