Presidential Election Prediction

I’m going to warmup my crystal ball and predict the presidential outcomes for the U.S. elections. But I’m not going to be politically correct.

Hillary Clinton is a sure bet to be nominated to be the Democratic candidate. But she can’t be elected to President in a general election, and will loose to ANY GOP candidate. Not because she is a woman, but because the GOP has been poisoning the internet with anti Hillary propaganda for years with ‘she kicked the dog’ stories. There is an outside possibility she could be a vice-presidential running mate, but I don’t think she would like the second seat.

Barack Obama looks to be a good Democratic nominee. But he will loose to ANY GOP candidate. He will not be elected by the U.S. population, being black will not be too much of a hinderance, but not an asset, being raised Muslim will be brought up, and September 11 will be on everyones mind. Unfortunately Obama could prevent a democratic presidency even if nominated as a vice-presidential candidate.

Al Gore is the strongest Democratic candidate, but he has not even declared, and due to internal political infighting he probably won’t get the nomination even having won the majority popular vote in 2004, loosing to George Bush only due to illegal vote rigging in Florida by Jeb Bush, brother of the thief president.

John Edwards would make a good running mate. But no one knows him as a presidential candidate.

Colin Powell would make a great democratic vice-presidential candidate, but he may be too tainted by Bush to be of great value.

Unfortunately the other potential candidates will only be potential vice running mates and nothing more.

The next prophecy I cast will be the GOP candidates

A Cure for cancer? How about a cure for spam?

Why is it we can work on a cure for cancer, and haven’t got a clue about a Spam, or phishing or trackback spam? I have heard the old saw, ‘Mind the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.’ so where are the pennies in spam? and how do we mind them?

I remember the first person the ‘spammed’ the internet, and he was locked out of the internet and prosecuted. I just finished up deleting my 20,000 comment spam!!!

Rudy Giuliani was born in a different America

This quote tells me one thing,

“We look upon authority too often and focus over and over again, for 30 or 40 or 50 years, as if there is something wrong with authority. We see only the oppressive side of authority. Maybe it comes out of our history and our background. What we don’t see is that freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do,” – Rudy Giuliani, March 1994.

Rudy Giuliani was born in a different America, one radically different, from the one I was born in. This brings great dread to me because if this is what the current leadership of the U.S. believes, we are all in grave danger of a dictatorship placed in-charge of the the most powerful nation on the planet.

Shannon Airport

Any person, let alone any politician in Ireland claiming that the closure of Shannon Airport hasn’t been ‘on the books‘ of this government for the last 10 years is either lying, or is ignorant of the truth. Ever since the ‘Open Skies’ policy the writing has been on the walls of every government building, ‘Dublin is Ireland‘ and Shannon is just an inconvenient problem that will now disappear. Wait until Aer Lingus begins to remove the Shannon/Dublin, and the Cork/Dublin routes. Then you will see that the air routes are more valuable to the airline, than the actual flights. Then you will know that Aer Lingus will begin to be sold off piecemeal just like the Eircom debacle.

Bertie is in great company

I stumbled upon this today and while I never thought that my low opinion was supported by anyone else, when people start betting on Bertie Ahern to depart as Taoiseach on/before 31 Dec 07 it makes me chuckle. This places Bertie in the same ‘Good’ company as Robert Mugabe to depart as President of Zimbabwe on/before 31 Dec 07 and George W. Bush to be impeached by House of Representatives before end of his term in office

I makes you wonder what they all have in common…corruption, lies and dishonesty. All the things a good politican needs to get elected.

Warrant-less Spying Pays off

This article is a sure sign that warrant-less spying pays off as, Bush Signs Law to Widen Reach for Wiretapping. This reeks of the smell of blackmail, from all the Democrats caught dirty, or at least with their hands in the cookie jar. We all want to believe that most politicians we elect are honest, but in reality everyone has something to hide. And Bush pulled them all out of the closet to grant himself more imperial powers. Rather than grow a spine, and call Bush’s bluff, they gave up the constitution, that ‘Dammed piece of paper’ so he could wipe his arse with it. Come the next election, time to clean house, and senate of the crap politicians who have no idea who pay’s their wages.