Vietnam body counts all over again.

If you need any further reason to think of Iraq as George Bush’s ‘Vietnam War‘. Just read this article 19,000 insurgents killed and remember that not a single body has been confirmed by independent counts. Just like in Vietnam, the actual body counts were always inflated by several orders of magnitude. So applying the same rule, read 19,000 as 1,900 tops, which is smaller than the number of coalition force causalities, Dead causalities, not just the 25,000 Wounded coalition forces.

So who is winning in Iraq?

Now I know the ‘Fix’ is in.

Well now I know where Osama Bin Laden receives his finances, The Republican Party as Bin Laden says US should convert! This is the best Republican GOP propaganda that money can buy. Talk about a promotion for their War Everlasting campaign. Wow, it’s no wonder that Bush let Osama Bin Laden’s family leave the country after September 11, he was sending his employees on a holiday.

UPDATE: This Latest Bin Laden Video Is a Forgery, well it did seem too good to be true. Besides it was a bit vain of Bin Laden to dye his beard the shade it was several years ago.