GOP to win the U.S. Presidency in 2008

I have not predicted the race, but I am now concerned that the balance on Democrats in the House and Senate will not reach the goal of two thirds majority, veto override power, in Congress. With Hillary looking to win the democratic nomination and loosing the Presidential race to ANY GOP NOMINEE. Congress will have to buck-up and grow some in a genuine effort to bring the U.S. back into a Constitutional Checks and Balances which forms the foundation of the Republic.

This GOP win shouldn’t happen, but Hillary is tainted by real or illusionary propaganda that the republicans have been seeding for years. And because she holds the largest bag of money, she could buy her own nomination. But in an article earlier this month, she would need to pull 24% of the female REPUBLICAN voters, and I don’t believe that she could pull 24% of the female DEMOCRATIC vote. She just can’t win, in fact I’m sure the democratic party heads know she can’t win. I suspect that they don’t want to win the presidential race and face the albatross that Iraq has become.

So, unless Al Gore throws his hat into the ring, or gets drafted (and maybe linked with Edwards as Vice President) the Democrats will loose the Presidential race.

The real goal for the Democrats will be to blast the Republicans out of the House and Senate.

Testing the waters for faking the news

Seems that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has been testing the waters for the Bush Administration as to the viability of not just faking the information, but of faking the entire news reporting. In this apology FEMA sorry for fake news briefing the appearance is of this being an “error in judgment” is yet another attempt to fake the news, one that was discovered, and brought to light. But this was a test balloon, by an agency which has no more creditability to loose, and thus did not have anything to loose when attempting this deception. Only the tip of the iceberg, wait for more attempts in the future.

Ricardo Franco Levi looks to be a Nazi proposing censorship

Ricardo Franco Levi, Prodi’s right hand man , undersecretary to the President of the Council, has written the text to put a stopper in the mouth of the Internet. The draft law was approved by the Council of Ministers on 12 October. No Minister dissociated themselves from it. On gagging information, very quietly, these are all in agreement.
The Levi-Prodi law lays out that anyone with a blog or a website has to register it with the ROC, a register of the Communications Authority, produce certificates, pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money.

War with Iran, via

I’m reposting an email I received from this morning (the contents of which I mostly agree with).

Dear MoveOn member,

To be honest, I don’t even like to think about the possibility of war with Iran. But here’s the unfortunate truth—plans for an aerial attack have been drawn up.1 There’s nothing stopping Bush from launching that attack any day. And right now the progressive movement’s main strategy for preventing it is simply to hope that it doesn’t happen.

To paraphrase my ninth-grade sex-ed teacher, “Hope is not a method.” We need to do something. There are increasing indications that war with Iran may be imminent. And experts agree it would be a catastrophe.

So today we’re proposing a major campaign to expose the danger of a new war with Iran (see below for details). It’ll cost about $200,000, and if we can raise the money, we’ll start today. Can you chip in $25?

War would be a disaster. Military officials who’ve gamed-out a war with Iran say it’s a very, very bad idea. “Iran would hit back against US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and activate terrorist allies in the Middle East, further destabilizing a region already struggling with two major wars.”2 US troops in the region, Israelis and American civilians abroad and at home would all be at risk.

And it’s a real possibility. For months, there’s been a stream of leaks and revelations by former Bush administration officials that paint a scary picture: Vice President Cheney and the neocons are quietly maneuvering us toward war with Iran—just as they did with Iraq.3,4

Now, the New York Times reports that Freedom’s Watch, a $200 million propaganda machine headed by former White House insiders, has started to press for an attack.5,6 And this past week, Bush and Cheney upped the ante with aggressive statements, even invoking the specter of “World War III.”7

Observers across the political spectrum, from Senator John McCain to former Middle East envoy Dennis Ross, say the threat is closer than it appears.8,9 And it’s never a good idea to underestimate this president’s capacity for recklessness.

We can’t run the risk that they’re crazy enough to do it. That’s why it’s so important that we make sure policymakers understand the cost of war, and we pressure Congress not to roll over on Iran. If we can raise the money today, here’s what we’ll do:

A number of top retired generals and military experts are willing to say publicly that attacking Iran would be a strategic disaster. We’ll put them on tour to speak to political leaders, editorial boards and big audiences.
We’ll run ads challenging the Bush administration and key presidential candidates—and remind people that the last time we heard many of these phony arguments was in the lead-up to war with Iraq.
We’ll commission polling to show wavering politicians that if they stand up against war with Iran, the public will stand with them.
We’ll run a major grassroots campaign urging Congress to confront the administration on Iran.
None of us know how likely a strike against Iran really is. But I’m going to do more than just hope it doesn’t happen. The signs and signals have become too glaring. We have to act.

Please join in launching this campaign:

There have been a few leaders and organizations within the progressive movement who’ve consistently sounded the alarm on this issue. Now it’s time for the rest of us to join them.

Thanks for all you do,

–Ilyse, Justin, Marika, Matt, and the Political Action Team
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007


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Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Evolution is for optimists

I was watching a program on origins of humanity and realized that while listening to Zeresenay Alemseged, that people who believe in Evolution are optimists. And that brings into perspective those that are trying to suppress and dilute the teaching of evolution in schools both in the U.S. and Europe.

They are pessimists, they are certain that mankind is destined to pass away. That mankind will never get any better. That science or evolution will never better mankind.

For me that makes no sense, no common sense in any case.