Hero’s are what we wish leaders to be.

And when we seek leaders, in our politicians, or in any person during a crisis and even even in a fellow worker in our day to day work lives. Hero’s brighten our lives, lighten our loads and renew our spirits. On the average we never seem to have enough hero’s, and we often seek them in our dreams, the theater, and on the television.

In this coming election season, the hopes and dreams of the world seek a hero in Barack, Hillary, Fred, Ron, Dennis, Mike and Al and/or any of the rest. And the goal of those politicians will be to appear to be, those hero’s, to win our hearts and minds. But hero’s aren’t heros by selling themselves, but by proving themselves, not by convincing us to trust them, but by earning our trust.

We shouldn’t be looking for the lesser of the evils, but the best hope for the future.

…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Fianna Fáil fail to keep their election promises,what a surprise

As is the normal modus operandi for the Fianna Fáil, they have reneged on more of their election campaign promises, when Brian (can’t balance the books) Cowen announced that the tax cuts that they used to get reelected are now renounced. Brian has a 1 BILLION Euro surplus one year, and the next, they are struggling to give themselves a 14% pay raise. Where is all that money going, there can’t be that many brown envelopes in the entire country. I guess if you do your finances out of a suitcase full of money, anything is possible.

Monopoly’s new game, or how to profit from Global warming.

Having seen the Christmas Ad’s starting up, and this years crop of children being introduced into corporate finance in the form of the old board game of Monopoly, I was inspired to create a new variant Global Warming Monopoly What a great new way to teach our children how to profit from the future disasters of our new world.