Religion and politics

In the current political race to the U.S. Presidency religion has become a major issue with Clinton, McCain, Huckabee, Romney and Obama, that some of them have even gone so far as to profess a disbelief in Evolution as a true measure of the religious convictions. Now one of the primary reasons politicians proudly display their religious credentials is the mistaken belief of the religiously deluded that the politician in question somehow identifies them with a higher moral standard, and therefore are more honest and trustworthy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as any rational person knows, the very fact that they ARE Politicians precludes any guise of honesty and trust. People who’s only desire and chosen career path is the control of other people’s lives under the rule of governmental coverage, masking as ‘leaders’ their inability to perform any other honest work. The Constitution of the U.S., and for that matter, any other country, is the basis of control of the government power, and not to control the population governed.

So the question is, why would anyone credit a politicians religion with any value? Beats me!

Whatever became of the truth?

Bush’s friendly co-conspirator in the White House Lies and deception club has come up with something he can really sink his teeth into, The U.S. Propaganda Agency to quote;

…the United States is losing the war of ideas in the Muslim world, and the answer to that, in part, is through the creation of this new government agency

Whatever happened to the truth? If the truth isn’t there, someone will discover that it’s not the truth, and no amount of lying is going to make anyone listen to it. Mind you if you can control all sources of information (MSN, radio, TV, Internet), and either censor or block the truth, what does it matter what you say?

Radio Free Europe has been identified as one of the most useful tool to bring down the Iron curtain, on a simple principal, that even under political pressure, it would ONLY broadcast the truth.

But this administration doesn’t know the truth, to them, the truth is the enemy, and so we have what we have. A world of spin and deception.

Something else we didn’t know, the truth.

It looks like the truth does come out, in the end, but why are we surprised when someone does a Study: False statements preceded war about something we already knew. That the President of the United States wasn’t telling the truth. Can we impeach this administration now? Does anyone doubt the need to demonstrate to the world that America CAN be trusted again, by eliminating the liars, and restoring the trust?

More fear being seeded

It looks like more fear is being seeded as Hackers Cut Cities’ Power. So, without actually naming the cities, or the methods of ‘hacking’ the CIA is now claiming without proof that there are hackers ‘outside’ the U.S. that have shutdown power to cities, and extorted money.

So, fear, is the next best thing to the truth. Tell an American audience, that rarely hears international news, that ‘cities’ have had their power shutdown by ‘Terrorist hackers’ fully expecting that population will not know any better. In most cases the CIA would be accurate, most americans don’t have a clue what is going on in the rest of the world.

Great. What next? Hackers under the bed? Terrorist boogyman hackers under every bed in America?

Update: Hackers Have Attacked Foreign Utilities

Hillary Didn’t win, and Obama didn’t loose New Hampshire

When Hillary declares Hillary Wins New Hampshire! don’t believe it, she tied with Obama. They both earned the same number of electors from the New Hampshire primary. But Hillary would be hurt by declaring it a tie, and it would only serve to boost Obama in the future. Talk about spin, but that is the nature of an electoral system that is fundamentally broken and corrupt.

Monday may mean independence

I’m looking forward to monday as it may actually become my release from the hospital. The hospital stay in which I’ve posted about the A&E and the long stay through Christmas and the New Year and the Medieval rituals which have had their crescendo on Friday. This is when they attempted to revert my heart back to normal rhythm and failed, after three attempts. I was told after the event that it must have been interesting, and a bit more violent than the movies, as I am now missing one of my front teeth, all the way down to the root, which popped out in front a group of interns getting their first lesson in electro-reversion!

Eating peas has now become an issue.

In any case, with any luck (something sadly lacking of late) I will get my dosing of drugs balanced, my eye’s checked, and escape from Tallaght hospital tomorrow. Hopefully to find a dentist to repair my lasting memories of my stay.

Cheney and Bush seeding false treasonous information

There seems to be a great deal of information masquerading as fact as to the nature of the treasonous act that have been committed by the Bush/Cheney administration. This could be that the conspiracies are starting to unravel, or it could be, as in the George W. Bush military service controversy which brought down Dan Rather the ‘facts’ being seeded in the internet may be believable, but false, and might be cited along with real evidence of the impeachable offenses commited by them. These could have been planted so that they could be refuted, and with them, the real facts relating to treasonable acts, as needed, if and when impeachment hearing begin. The GOP has never hesitated to publish outright lie’s if they thought that they could spin them later to their own advantage. Why should this be any different? They are just laying the groundwork knowing that the many crimes against American Citizens and the Constitution of the United States will eventually come to light.

Medicine and medieval torture

Having a Transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE) a Angiogram and a Transesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) in that order over the last three hospital working days, I can truly see that if you have the chance to avoid the hospital, you should make every effort. The medical procedures are more akin to medieval torture than you might believe. It’s a good thing they drug you for the last two of these, as they would be a lot less fun than they sound 😉