Microsoft legacy

Microsoft will NEVER be free from the support requirements of Windows XP, you know why? Take a look at the photo I took today;

If they can’t get VAR’s from using ancient Windows NT 4.0, they will never be rid of Windows XP 😉

And if Microsoft wanted anyone else to buy Windows Vista, they shouldn’t have invoked The Osborne Effect when they started talking about Windows 7 There isn’t a major corporation that will install Vista now, not when Win-7 is right behind, which is more suited to a corporate deployment timeline.

Sybase’s self-destructive business plan

I have monitored all the discussions of DRM with regards to Music and Movies, but until I started installing a Sybase ASE 15.0.1 installation, as a first stage to a Sybase 12.0 upgrade at the company which I work for, that I realized that Sybase must hate it’s own customers. I say this as that’s the only reason why they would use SYSAM and this draconian DRM license software in Version 15.xx. They want to put themselves out of business by pissing off their user base.

My company have a contract with Sybase Ireland and I am an honest DBA installing a new version of Sybase ASE exactly like the one it will replace. I’m not trying to steal from Sybase. But this DRM assumes that I am a thief, and that I cannot be trusted. Even when we as a company pay thousands per year for support we barely use (because Sybase is a solid product). I’m a thief by their own DRM definitions.

We will be moving to MySQL, as soon as we are able, Sybase will be loosing yet another customer because of their suicidal business plan.

Blogging life

It’s amazing that when family matters start to stress you, everyday activities like blogging loose their appeal. Facing aging and dying parents and the unpredictability of their loss makes everything else pale to insignificance. But I’m more or less prepared, in part, ready to hop any flight, when my brothers tell me the end is near. I have managed to put in place as many mobile communication and messaging technologies as I could manage so as not to be burdened with packing a laptop and various other bits and bobs that might make flying more of a burden that it will be otherwise. I could probably makes the States with only carry on luggage, dispensing with check in issues and customs. These new toys consist of a new Tri-band Phone in the form of the Nokia 6300 and a Palm T/X for more of the heavy lifting email, and web communications issues. With the U.S. now searching all laptops and sucking off suspicious data from disk drives these devices should prove useful for quick passage.

Hillary almost Lost Indiana

There was a time last night when trading on Hillary indicated she might loose. That does not bode well for her. In any case, maybe the voters in the Democratic Party are becoming aware She can neither win the nomination, nor the Presidential Election, should she be able to get the nomination by hook or by crook.

The advantage of pessimism

The advantage of pessimism is that you can be happily surprised by the outcome of events. The pessimist is never disappointed by the outcome of any given outcome, because they are always forecast to come out badly. So it is with great pessimism that I project that Hillary will win the Indiana Primary. I hope she looses this state, but being the pessimist I must project the worst possible outcome for the Democratic Party. She has been lying and fabricating so much lately, she has earned this prize. NOT!

Hillary’s rising fortune, floats McCain’s boat

I got an email from Intrade and read the interesting fact that as Hillary’s chances (over the last few days) for becoming the Democratic Nominee for President rise out of her previous low chances, The probability that John McCain to Win the 2008 US Presidential Election goes up also.

The specter of a Hillary nomination as the Democratic candidate, Makes the probability that McCain will be the next President greater.

This should be a serious concern for the Democratic Party, if Hillary gets nominated, McCain Wins! Call that a prediction, because it will be mine.