Twitter Branedy

More exploring has brought me to Twitter . I am mostly interested in seeing what it’s like. Having no friends to speak of means very few social connections, but if Web 2 is a social internet, then you have to be out there to functionally operate in the Web 2 world. I will see what will happen, it can’t create more spam than I already get 😉

A vote of ‘No Confidence’ for Brian Cowan

One other outcome from the Lisbon ‘No’ vote is a general presumption of a vote of ‘No Confidence’ of Brian Cowan and his government. Having set as a principal goal of his administration, a ‘Yes’ Vote for the Lisbon Treaty. The utter failure to attain this goal constitutes a complete failure of Mr. Cowan’s leadership. Couple this with his inability to present this before the EU Commission as the definitive response of the Irish People, he now seeks to nullify the voice of his own people.

It’s time now to vote directly for a ‘No Confidence’ of Brian Cowan in the Dáil.

The Other Shoe has fallen

As things go a pair of old shoes are not long separated and the 62 year married couple which are my parents are reunited in death 15 days apart. So now the decision has to be made if I should make the journey back again, I’ve only just gotten back into the time zone here, and the prospect of another 24 hours trip, and another 6 hour shift in time is daunting. Being diabetic, the last trip, screwed up my blood sugar levels badly, I am neither rested, nor up for the passage. Being prepared means nothing here.

Louis C. “Lou” Jordan, 84, Juanita Ione (Morrow) Jordan (84)


Why did all the politicians believe that a constitution that had been voted down by the French, could be rename and sold to the Irish?

Why do Politicians now try to pass off the Irish No vote as not representative of the rest of the population of Europe who didn’t get to vote?

Why did the Politicians believe that a childish ‘Because it’s good for you‘ argument that doesn’t work on children, would work on the Irish Adult population?

Big questions. Questions that will never be answered by the current crop of Politicians because they don’t know any part of the Why in these questions.

I can think of a few, here’s one

A) It was only good for politicians

Death and taxes

If you have been reading this blog you will know I had a loss, as in life, the only thing you can’t avoid is Death and Taxes. Life is a terminal sentence, But let me add some other certainties in this cycle, family strife. Any simple (or complex) issue becomes Enormous . Trauma ensues and squabbles erupt. Loss takes many tolls, family unity often is the first.

A Poem by Clarence J. Ballou

At the memorial for my Father, a Poem from his Grandfather.

I am now at the end of the road to the west
Where quiet reigns and all is at rest;
Away from the dust and the noise of the town,
To the end of the road where the sun goes down.

So, along life’s road as we journey on
Let us meet all our trials with a laugh and a song;
Greet all with a smile and not a frown
As we come to the end when the Sun goes down.

Small favors

Well, that day came on monday night, the call telling me my Dad passed away, the only small favor I managed was that my preparations of my mobile communications has worked out as planned. The Nokia 6300 on linked up with the AT&T network in Chicago and using the Palm T/X, I managed to connect to the Edge network on the Nokia to check flight changes, I also checked my email from my MacBook through the 6300 as well without having to pay for WiFi in the Airport. And when I had to make some phone number changes on the phone, the three (Palm/Mac/Nokia) synced up and shared the changes. Almost like they were made by the came company, standards, who knew, I suppose that’s why I don’t use Microsoft products. The only down side, the boss in Dublin knows my phone number, so if the shit hits the fan, I’m still on call.