Introverted American News?

I have mentioned the disaster which constitutes ‘The News’ in the United States. But Now I have confirmation in this article THE CHANGING NEWSROOM which clearly shows a introversion of the perspective from the News Room. What the article suggests, is that this is good, and that the papers are being read more than ever, but that they are loosing revenue. These ideas are counter opposed and if representative, indicates that they are NOT being read, and NOT being used as a serious advertising channel because they are not being read.

I think that both of these could be explained simply, there is nothing to read in them, nothing to attract the attention of the public. Aside from scandals, papers rarely would be considered ‘hard hitting’ incisive in-depth producers of valuable information. And they wonder why they are failing! Shallow meaningless babble can be had on any street corner, what people are seeking are facts, and analysis. This is what is driving the move to the Internet to fulfill the desire for information. In the Cloud which is the internet, someone somewhere is talking about what interests the seeker. The Papers are not cutting it, it’s as simple as that.

The Civil war of Europe

One effect of the Lisbon treaty is to bring into stark relieve the different perceptions of politicians and citizens. More than a century ago in the United States there was a Civil war. And while the popular belief was that this war was over slavery, it was not. It is an issue which Europe faces now and in the future. What faced the U.S. was not an issue, but a right to deal with an issue locally, within the individual states representing the members of the United States. A confederacy of independent but unified States joined in common defense. The E.U. is currently just such a confederacy, but the Lisbon treaty seeks to move that into a Federalist, Centralist Nation. In the U.S.A. the Federalists sought to force the freeing of slaves on all the states, a centralist decision, which the State governments of the South had previously supported Slavery and while the topic was abhorrent, the subject could just as well have been health food or something. The central Federal government forcing decisions on State governments.

This is the fundamental goal of the Lisbon treaty, to allow the creation of laws created in the Federated European Parliament to be issued to member State/Countries superseding local control. Just as in the U.S., this was the trigger for the Civil War. The Confederacy lost the argument, and a more ridged Federal, Central government was established. As in the U.S. a decision will have to be made, will Europe be a Federal Government, or will it retain it’s individual Nations in a loose Confederacy of United Nations. War is an alternative to this decision making process.

The only government that has allowed it’s citizens to vote, to allow them to choose what they wanted, were the Irish. But the politicians of the member states want a federal government and have decided that their citizens shouldn’t be allowed to choose. They now seek to ignore the ‘No” and force another vote again until they get their ‘Yes’ because a for them, a ‘No’ will restrict their power. There is no up side for the peoples of Europe, very government seeks to restrict and control it’s citizens the question is who will do the controlling. Will the Irish control the Irish, or will Brussels.

The choice is ours!

A little WordPress cleanup

A nearly perfect WordPress distribution was disrupted by a loss of my ‘tags’ which affected the catagories on my blog. A reload of the wp_catagories table and contents, and then this MySQL script managed to put things right.

update wp_terms tt, wp_categories cc
set = cc.cat_name, tt.slug = cc.category_nicename
where tt.term_id = cc.cat_ID

Demonization of the Iran

The Demonization of Iran has begun in this article Silent no more I believe that we will be seeing many more of these types of there articles from ‘conservative’ GOP publications in a deliberate attempt to justify an attack on Iran. Some of these ‘exclusive’ stories will be true, but many more of these, including this one, will not ring true but like Iraq, the truth will not come out until latter. It’s the old cry wolf story all over again, it’s a shame that it will probably work with the ignorant U.S. Public again.

Twitter learning curve

I think I’m beginning to understand Twitter, and I managed to deplete my 250 Twits SMS’s. You really need the desktop client when on the internet. And only use the Mobile SMS when, Mobile. Doh!

What I have found are interesting conversations with people I know, what I don’t understand is people who are following me, who do not know me, and I have never meet. What value following me? The first thing that comes to mind are squirrels gathering nuts, (me being the nut in this scenario) but I’m sure I will find out my role here.

One other thing, picking a desktop Twitter client has been interesting as I use a PC in the office and a Mac at home, and a Palm T/X and Nokia 6300 as mobile. Choices…

Thought Quotes

All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it.
Alexis de Tocqueville

In the United States, the majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.
Alexis de Tocqueville

There are two things which a democratic people will always find very difficult – to begin a war and to end it.
Alexis de Tocqueville

Google Maps API?

I love this, in this day and age that a API for the Internet is not written to comply with standards. This message below is unacceptable!

But I’ll place the blame on As you can see this is a Safari Browser error message, but I am betting that the AA Roadwatch folks have coded this web page for IE only usage. BAD! BAD! BAD! But further accusing Google for causing this incompatibility should net them a rebuke from Google.

Twitter and Jaiku performance issues

One thing I’ve noticed about Twitter and Jaiku, is a common thread in IT, Scaleability! It’s an issue that I worked on in my days with AT&T Wireless. Mobile phone vendors have been dealing with SMS and voice connection transactions for many years and the volume of such transactions have only grown over the years since I had to deal with 25+ million transactions per day. If the current growing pains of these Web 2.0 social networking systems are projected, they are both headed for failure in the form of catastrophic system overload. While I admire innovative Ideas, like these services, their infrastructure does not appear well thought out. A bit more foundation in the infrastructure, and less optimism of the performance, should have been the first design requirement.

Being a database kind of guy, I can’t help but believe that a fundamental disconnect in the understanding of transactions utilized in these systems is the root cause here. I have yet to see a significant teaching or understanding of database issues in the current crop of programmers. There seems to be belief that data analysis is not a worth while task in current programming efforts. I see this in the form of articles detailing new ‘database’ products and methods, and new ‘lightweight’ database processes, etc. Mostly the requirements for ‘new’ DBMS and ‘Lightweight’ processes, is the underestimations of the data tasks of most modern IT functions. If you don’t know your own data, you don’t know anything. Any system that is not fundamentally tied in with a database system is merely a calculator.