Predicting a vote Theft

Articles like the one at Slate: WHERE THE ELECTIONS STAND TODAY is a prescription for Vote Theft. Not that they are promoting theft, but by presenting ‘opinion’ as facts, and displaying the point spread of the two Presidential candidates, McCain and Obama, as if they were very close together. They promote doubt about the real margin so should there be wide spread vote fraud, the public will not suspect it as easily. There is a vast difference in the chances of winning. There is currently a 60% chance Obama will win against a 38% chance McCain will win at Intrade. That is a 22 point advantage for Obama, not even including any indecision on the part of the public. Intrade has had the most accurate data in this and the previous elections in the U.S. making any other prediction, propaganda, clear and simple.

President Biden

That doesn’t sound too bad, after all that will be the result should Barack Obama fall ill, or be assassinated, the Vice-Presidential nominee Joe Biden assumes the position of President. And that likelihood is very high, as Obama will have a serious segment of the U.S. population enraged, the bigots and racist that constitute the radical GOP right wing.

One more foolish Palm move

if this rumor is true that Palm’s Treo Pro in the wild, probably not fake. Then Palm has got to be the most foolish company in the world. Just when they are promising a new OS, a Linux cum Android like platform, they should announce yet another Windows based Phone, makes the company management come off all unfocused and wishy-washy in the vision department. How foolish can you be? Bring out the new OS, dammit, even in beta format. Get on with it Palm!

Apple’s iPhone is closing the door on the future

After hearing about how the iPhone can phone home and kill apps? I knew that my choice to purchase a Palm T/X was the correct one. But this is even more a vindication of my choice of the Nokia 6300 to act as the modem for both my MacBook and Palm T/X when Apple pulls posted iPhone modem app Apple won’t even allow you to use all the abilities of something You Own! just because they made it. DRM be dammed, being slaved to Apple is even worse. And just when Apple was beginning to increase marketshare, Job’s paranoia is making Apple into another Microsoft.

Apple Ergonomics and Working from Home

While I worked away this past week in an unexpected working from home situation I was proud of the job my MacBook did providing a Parallel’s Windows XP environment to connect to my office in Dublin. But the Mac did not come away unharmed as shown in the following photo.

This is the result of my use of the keyboard to rest my ham handed fists on it while typing on it. It is not the only damage I have inflicted on my MacBook as there is another crack in an exact mirrored position on the opposite palm rest, a crack I believe I committed by squeezing it too hard while picking it up one time some months ago. But it is apparent that this is a weak area of the MacBook, and the plastic is clearly too thin to support my hands let alone my grip, a definite design issue.

While on that thought, I also determined that while typing, the actual design of the edge of the MacBook is also done poorly as it really does have a sharp edge on the lip of the palm area that cuts into my hand, making me wish for a external keyboard. I have gotten very used to the chicklet keyboard layout on the MacBook, but that edge has to go. That however, engaged my memory, the first iBooks that Job’s and company delivered were much more ‘organic’ rounder things than the current incarnations and it made me long for more of that old style design. Maybe in the new MacBooks soon to be released, probably not, so until then, I’m off to find a laptop stand and keyboard.

Java JVM for Palm T/X

Java for the Palm T/X has been such an issue since Palm stopped hosting a copy, I have found and will host a copy of the installation in the form of which contains the PRC files that constitute the Java JVM for the T/X. Just browse the folders in the ZIP and install the prc’s. This will then let you run java applets and programs such as Opera Mini 4.1

UPDATE: Some good instructions on Making Opera Mini 4.1 Broswer work for Palm OS

Ireland in Isolation

This article highlights a danger for Ireland Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization. Ireland is an Island! Almost everyone I’ve met in Ireland never think of Ireland as an Island (the center of the universe maybe, just not an Island). We have become so complacent about the availability of foreign goods and produce, we have forgotten that without cheap oil, we will have to live within our own agricultural means. Something the Lisbon “Yes” folks don’t seem to get yet. They believe that the mobile economy will balance the trade products and that putting fishermen and farmers out of business will not harm Ireland as a whole. Cheap oil has made this possible, and is no more. No more cheap fruit, and beef, no more massive highways and individual car ownership.

John Lennon sang Imagine, just Imagine no Oil.