Dark Energy / Dark Matter The Devil incarnate

I’m just waiting for the first fundamentalist religious group to propose that mysterious dark energy and Dark Matter are manifestations of the Devil and that this Darkness is the Biblical metaphor for Hell That We in the universe of Lightness and Matter, are opposed by this Dark Energy and Anti-Matter universe.

Would this improve scientific efforts, or make Astronomy and Physics a Religion?

Government arrogance

Brian Lenihan, should be fired! Plain and simple, because he does NOT understand the terms or meaning of GOVERNMENT. Today in an interview he mentioned that the banks were not being bailed out by recapitalization using taxpayer money, that they were using other government funds from retirement accounts. Where does he get the idea that the government HAS ANY money that is not the property of the taxpayers? GOVERNMENT IS NOT A BUSINESS! I’ve said it many times before, the Irish Government only manages the finances of the people of Ireland, THE TAXPAYING PEOPLE OF IRELAND! The Irish Government does not, and never will have independent funds separate from Irish citizen taxpayer money.

Future of Linux on the Palm

Having read this article about how to Dual Boot Linux on a Palm TX. I then downloaded the linux distribution described in the demonstration from the Reware Project And loaded it on a spare 2GB SD card as outlined. IT works as described, and it didn’t do any harm to my normal Palm OS installation. After trying the music app from this project and drilling down through the filesystem to find a complete Linux distro, I downloaded another system called Opie from here http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~miska/ and have now been throughly impressed with Linux running on my Palm.

The OPIE project is more or less a replacement PIM running over the Linux, and contains many Palm PIM equivalents, and although not as polished as the Palm applications, it makes for a very good beginning. From what I can know, the OPIE system boots off a Ångström Linux distribution of a Linux v2.6.23 kernel. And while the networking elements of the Palm T/X don’t appear to be operational, it’s still impressive.

If the forthcoming release of Nova Linux can take the edges off this OS, much in the vein of Android, Palm just might pull it out of the fire.

Here hoping!

This never gets Old, Shoes flying in the face of Bush.

This may be the most commented video ever on YouTube The Bush Shoe Incident But I won’t post the actual YouTube here, so go there to see it.

The real ‘meaning’ of using a shoe in a Arabic world, is roughly the equivalent of slinging Shit on the President. Many news agencies are making reference to the Russian use of shoes in political discussions, but in an Arab world it’s a personal insult that was thrown at Bush. A bold and courageous demonstration of Personal belief that Bush is a Dog, and not worthy to lead.

I just wish America Journalists would have such backbones, and integrity.

Classic Republican Hypocrisy

If this doesn’t reek of classic Republican Hypocritical behavior nothing will when Republicans criticize Obama aides’ silence. They are criticizing from a government that that has epitomized non-transparent obscuration and political spin on every subject in the past. It makes one wonder just how stupid the American Public are, of maybe were. After all, they are no longer in control, and with this kind of ignorance and arrogance, will never be again.

Irish Traitors on Lisbon

Well now that the Irish Traitors in the Government have sold out the Irish people by renouncing the validity of the Irish voters previous vote on Lisbon, we are now being required again (and again, ad infinitum ) until we vote for the ‘correct‘ answer to the Lisbon Referendum.

How long will the Irish Electorate tolerate such abuse of their trust? Not long, I hope, as they have guaranteed My NO! vote in the next Referendum.

Irish Meat Denial

  • All the pork recalled before the farms using the contaminated feed are identified.
  • Pork producers offering to refill the supplies without testing the pigs first
  • Declaring that the irish beef is safe after they discovered contaminated cows and before testing all the cattle.

    This is a prescription for Irish disaster, the lack of transparency , the denial and the coverup. Typical Fianna Fáil behavior.

Apple virus scanning

This evening I installed ClamXav_1.1.1 into my MacBook and scanned my home directories. I was expecting nothing as I almost never download anything serious. But the scan did question several of my blog MySql backups which were lingering around in gzip formats, and one curious Java File ms03011.jar-3847f8dc-7fafd5ef, so I googled it, finding nothing, but abbreviating it down to ms03011.jar and found all sorts of hits, mostly with regards to ‘Adware’. The AV software had no recommendation, so I move the file(s) with that name from the library directory, and logged out and back in, and , it might be my imagination, the whole system seem to respond quicker. It could be nothing, but it didn’t hurt.

Companies in the Throes of Death

When companies die, they take many forms from mergers to bankruptcies. But there are none more ugly than those who have arrived at this juncture due to a lack of vision and direction. Management grasps and draws on every resource, from redundancies, part time labor and outsourcing to zero footprint office virtualization. But the ugly bit is the rapid undirected reactionary behavior from which a lack of vision and leadership originally brought the company to the situation in the first place.

An inability to addressing the underlying problem continues to demoralize the remaining employees and creates an atmosphere of despair. The company dooms itself from the rot, which is almost never corrected, as the problem is not cured from the bottom up, but from the top down.

If this sounds like AerLingus, it does, I have predicted that it would be gone within 5 years of it’s privatization and it will happen. But this is also a personal issue, as I am getting a first hand view, again, into the collapse of another.