URL shortening Censorship

My new site at http://ideaforecasting.com/ just got censored by the twitter URL shortening service at http://bit.ly/ using SURBL

Warning – this site has been flagged by SURBL and may contain unsolicited content.

The content of this web page appears to contain spam, or links to unsolicited or undesired sites.

Source: http://ideaforecasting.office-on-the.net/ideaforecasting/Site/Ideas.php

You can learn more about harmful content at www.StopBadware.org.
You can find out more about phishing from www.antiphising.org.

There is NOunsolicited content‘ on this site, and if you follow it link you will know. This is the most blatant censorship I’ve seen to date.

How to Marry

My brother and his lady of 30+ years have finally chosen to finish the job and get married, not that either was anxious of it ever happening. It will come at the near end of their life together, and over a simple piece of paper that could have been done in any lunch hour they could have had free during the last 30 years.

It has been amazing that the social and emotional aspects of a marriage can fully be distilled into a single sheet of paper, when the 30 years of being each others life is never mentioned.

RFID and Mobile anonymity

Most people using mobile phones make the assumption that if they should change phones SIM’s from a GSM phone, or have their phone number transfered to another phone that the change in the mobile handset may hide them them from anyone detecting the change, but they can be!

There is a little known artifact of communications that’s call RF Profiling. The actual crystal that creates the signal for each mobile is unique so every mobile ever created is really operating at a different frequency within a set tolerance level, and that individual ‘signature’ can be detected, and recorded by the mobile network operator.

Brought to you by YAUPI. (Yet Another Useless Piece of Information)

Rotten Fruit for Sale

Say I have a store and I’ve been buying rotten fruit from my friends for sometime. Paying top Euro for it as well.

When it comes to selling it, I find it impossible to sell it, and so I conceal from my stock holders the fact that I’ve been buying all this rotten fruit,

I talk with my friends and they tell me I should convince the government that I should have help selling this fruit, or else I’ll go out of business. Isn’t it just the great that my friends in government have agreed, and are going to buy all my rotten fruit, at top Euro as well, and then they will let me continue to operate my store however I wish to.

Isn’t this a bit like the new ‘Financial’ bill in the Dail currently. The Irish taxpayer gets all the rotten fruit, and the Bankers get to have debt free banks. What a deal!

Kindle in Ireland

I was in the Kingdom this past weekend with genealogy tourists from the States and was amazed that they did not have mobile phones, but that they had brought a Amazon Kindle. They were told that it would work anywhere that a mobile phone would work. They did know that their U.S. mobile phones did not work here. But didn’t question that the Kindle would. Very funny watching them walk all over the hills holding the Kindle trying to find a connection. I had to give them a quick course in telecommunications technology 😉