John Spillane, true Corkery

Saturday night the wife and I had some good craic at the John Spillane concert at the Cork Opera House. And while I had never heard anything about him, he was going to be singing about the Ballincollig Castle, so we went. And while the program started out a little rough, his music grows on you, and I really like his music, to the extent that I bought one of his albums on the way out.

Today while ripping it to my iPod, I noticed that it identified the genre as ‘Rock’. Now that would be about the same as calling it Opera. So I renamed it to something more fitting ‘Corkery’ a new unique musical category.

John Spillane

3 comments on “John Spillane, true Corkery

  1. Pure Corkery, yes, but the gimmick is getting a bit old. The Ballincollig Castle song is an exception though, it is funny, particularly as he describes the dog running along with them. He’s a good performer, and would be a great radio presenter, but in my opinion, hes treading dangerously close to self parody. I’d rather see less of the Dunnes Stores Girls, and more of the Everythings Turning to Gold, Cathys.

  2. I agree the Dunnes Store girl is a poor song. I think John Spillane made a decent enough first album. I suppose EMI shaped him after that.


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