A real Inconvenient Truth, the earth will survive without us.

There has been a lot of talking about An Inconvenient Truth (the movie) and how it makes sense to start taking action on environmental concerns. The real inconvenient truth it more frightening. The Earth does not need us to survive! Think about that, for more than a minute, if global warming kills off humanity, and many other species, it won’t kill the earth. It will recover and any remaining animal and plant life left will recover and adapt to the new conditions. What climate change will do, is eliminate humans from the equation. So, with that in mind, the real concerns about the climate, aren’t economic, they are no less than the extinction or preservation of Mankind. That, and any other species we choose to allow to survive with us.

Just remember, the Earth doesn’t care if we are here or not. It was here long before us, and it will continue, with or without, us along for the ride.

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  1. Well I think the reason for all the awareness and publicity about global warming is because like you said, it will cause extinction, and I think that is what people are concerned about – not whether Mother Earth cares if we are here or not.

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