The Irish miss their King’s

The Irish must truly miss being ruled by a King as they make every effort to enshrine them at every moment. The belief that only a Monarch can rule is part and parcel with the State funeral for ex-Irish leader. I’m sure that the current Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern believes in a Monarchy, when he is not kowtowing to other heads of state like King George, he is bowing to religious persuasion, and command. The belief that the King can commit any crime and be forgiven goes to the root of the issue as in the case of Haughey.

What has happened to the Republic, and Irish freedom from Kings?

5 comments on “The Irish miss their King’s

  1. Wish as I may, I would not mind the old kings of Ireland. But since I am a bit of a blow in, though a citizen now of Ireland. There is a certain ‘Tory’ mindset still in Ireland, that certain people, and the church still have a ‘divine’ right to rule. I believe the people like George Bush, Haughey and Bertie, all believe that they have granted special privilege, and a right to be above the law, as it were. Worse yet is a feeling in the public mind, that they are right in believing they have that right.

  2. One peculiarity about the old laws was that the authority of the kings and chieftains, even after the coming of Christianity, did not have a divine right to rule: their right to rule came from the people (or more specifically, the freemen and aristocracy). Things a “divine right” imply, such as primogeniture, didn’t exist until far far later, by which point Ireland had been made into the Kingdom of Ireland.

  3. That is part of the reason I would not mind Irish Kings as they would have been promoted from chiefship to Kingship, usually via merit.

  4. I don’t think Ireland should have any Kings because if they did the true ones would be the MaCarthy-Crimmins. They ruled for a long time and they did a good job at it. I should know because I am a direct decsendent of the MaCarthy-Crimmins.

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