Religious Pigeon holes and mixed metaphors

If someday we could loose the religious pigeon holes we place the behaviors of others into, we would soon reach a point where individuals could be treated fairly and equally, but I wax utopian here. While polls like The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other will continue to categorize people by their religion, or at least the religion in which they are raised up in, they are missing the mixed metaphor in their report that many Muslims are raised in the ‘West’ and hold different elements of their morality differently. In other words they are simplifying and pigeon holing vast groups of beliefs in an effort to separate people into opposing mindsets. Classifications that while on the surface seem significant and meaningful, merely mask a more complex issue of beliefs and behaviors and does an injustice to everyone, and worse seek to divide people who might otherwise work together to solve the bigger issues of our world. There I go waxing utopian again.

In logic the term is ‘fallacy by bifurcation’ or best illustrated as something must be either “Black or White”, and put into those term, you can see clearly the problem such thinking brings to an issue. “Your either with me or against me.” Such logic it the logic of politics, not of societies, and does nothing to bridge the differences each of us possess as individuals one from another.