In America, the news is no news.

For Christmas, I spent the usual stressful week with the parents, and brothers. Aside from from the normal family conflict, I was struck by the lack of any real news. Sure there were car wrecks, plane crashes, murder and what not, repeated endlessly every hour in sound bites as if someone could miss them. But no politics, international news, opinion, or discussion of world affairs. If the event unfolded beyond 50, or 100 miles from where you are listening, nothing.

I felt like I had blinders and cotton in my ears. The closest thing to world news was in the form of the 24 hour weather channel on the television. Its no wonder everyone watches it. Ask anyone about what is happening in Japan, India, Ireland or any place beyond 100 miles away, nothing, but ask them what the weather is there and they can give you the five day forecast for anyplace in the world.

It’s no wonder Americans are ignorant of world events, isolationist in their thinking, they literally are unaware events happen anywhere else in the world.

The U.S. is now the isolationist bubble George Bush was seeking, ignorance in education, and news alike. Not what you would wish on the leaders of the free world.