Presidential Election Prediction

I’m going to warmup my crystal ball and predict the presidential outcomes for the U.S. elections. But I’m not going to be politically correct.

Hillary Clinton is a sure bet to be nominated to be the Democratic candidate. But she can’t be elected to President in a general election, and will loose to ANY GOP candidate. Not because she is a woman, but because the GOP has been poisoning the internet with anti Hillary propaganda for years with ‘she kicked the dog’ stories. There is an outside possibility she could be a vice-presidential running mate, but I don’t think she would like the second seat.

Barack Obama looks to be a good Democratic nominee. But he will loose to ANY GOP candidate. He will not be elected by the U.S. population, being black will not be too much of a hinderance, but not an asset, being raised Muslim will be brought up, and September 11 will be on everyones mind. Unfortunately Obama could prevent a democratic presidency even if nominated as a vice-presidential candidate.

Al Gore is the strongest Democratic candidate, but he has not even declared, and due to internal political infighting he probably won’t get the nomination even having won the majority popular vote in 2004, loosing to George Bush only due to illegal vote rigging in Florida by Jeb Bush, brother of the thief president.

John Edwards would make a good running mate. But no one knows him as a presidential candidate.

Colin Powell would make a great democratic vice-presidential candidate, but he may be too tainted by Bush to be of great value.

Unfortunately the other potential candidates will only be potential vice running mates and nothing more.

The next prophecy I cast will be the GOP candidates

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