Katy French was a drug addict!

Let’s be clear here, EVERYONE knew that when she collapsed that it was drug related. Either from an overdose or due to some cheap drug dealer cutting the batch with something toxic. Katy was part of the problem, someone who appears perfect, and assumed that her partaking in illegal drug usage was her right as a celebrity. Above the law, and granted special rights. The thing is, will this lead to more celebrities being tested, of maybe minsters, lawyers and Guarda being tested. Not a chance in hell, this government is swimming in drugs it knows it, and in part, supports it, profits from it.

You will not stop the drug problem!

Until you start taking it down from the top, celebrities, minsters, lawyers and Guarda.

Guess what, you will have more luck legalizing Cocaine than arresting any of these drug users.

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21 comments on “Katy French was a drug addict!

  1. By her own words, she had been a user of coke, but that she had given it up, a clear sign of denial, or out right lying. Either way, hooked on the feeling.

  2. Having an alcoholic brother who has always claimed to be able to quit anytime, I have never seen him quit in more than twenty years. He has always been in denial.

    And we aren’t talking about alcohol we are talking Cocaine. A drug hundreds of times more powerful.

  3. Cocaine is far less addictive than, say, nicotine. As somebody who would have a social smoke in years gone by, I’ve given up the habit.

    Am I addicted to the smokes?

  4. Nope, I haven’t.

    But your claim that she was addict is based solely on the basis that she took the drug more than once, which is a bit like saying that everybody who has ever taken coke more than once is an addict.

    Just because the girl didn’t decide to abstain from coke usage doesn’t mean that she couldn’t. By your standards, the vast majority of coke users in Ireland would be classified as addicts.

  5. Ok, I agree, they are addicts, unless they can stop forever, like, when they start to obey the law?

    And before you say the law is wrong, change it.

    But the ‘addicts’ are the cause of rising crime and violence not the dealers, they are only taking advantage of the situation, plenty of addicts that think it’s Ok to take the drugs, and no controls in the form of Garda enforcement.

  6. Right. Well, so long as we all accept that she wasn’t an addict in the clinical sense and only in this peculiar usage of the term you’ve adopted, I’m happy.

  7. What’s an addict?

    If insist you stopped, and you know it can kill you, but you secretly keep doing it, that looks a lot like addiction to me. Even if you’d prefer to use some other word for it.

  8. good enough for the cheap tart glad she is dead thats what happenes to sad bastards who have no will power to give may more die then they mite et a clue

  9. I am amazed how you can all involve yourslef in conjecture. So many of you find it all so easy to pass judgement without any evidence other than what you read in the press. I f you are all so very clever and wise why don’t you realise taht what you read is far from the truth. Right now as I write I have no evidence or indication of the cause of Katy’s death. yet you ll seem to know and so many of you ant to condemn without knowledge. I thank God that there are some people who write into these websites with a love and a compassion for people in their time of need. Perhaps some day, somewhere, you might realise that everyone needs compassion. That is what the world and our lives on it is all about. Please, please, every one of you out there, take away the hatred. Try to bring some love into your world and your life. Look into the goodenss. Look into the light. See if youcan what my Katy saw – that every smile, every expression of love for another human being can send endless echoes of belonging. Please, please all of you try to do this for your fellow human being and for yourself. Stop knocking and start givng

  10. When we judge others ….in the end we are only judging ourselfs.
    The people we judge most harshly are always the people whom are most like ourselfs.
    Dear jack lets hope that lady called misfortune never dawns you or your familys door.

  11. Self infliction? what did she do? Did she go and buy her own poppyfield and cultivate her own Cocaine?.
    I was( will always be) an alcoholic ive been off drink 7 years now i drank every day for 20 years the first 3 years were hardest but now i get by grand and when i see an alcholic now i sympathise with him/her. What i dont call them are sad bastards or wish them death but i suppose i have a differnt outlook to how i see fellow addicts wether there Drug/drink/food or even telly addicts then normal people who have no problems in life.

  12. Its amazing to see all the gushing and outpouring of ‘sympathy’ and pity from all sections of irish society for someone famous who took illegal drugs and boo-hoo died as a result.

    Just because its a member of the elitest rich and famous suddenly everyone is blubbering and sobbing the ‘terrible loss’. Its hypocrisy and nothing else.

    No one put a gun to her head and made her snort that shit, and becasue its a high society incident, the social climbing scumbag supplied her with the coke that killed her will probably never have to answer for his part in this ‘tradgedy’.

    The fact is every year many ppl in ireland suffer in someway or even die as a result of drugs or drug related crime. Wheres the mass media sympathy for them? Outside of their own immediate familys and friends no one else gives a shit, not in the ‘new ireland’ where if youre a nobody then youre nothing so you dont matter.

    If you take drugs you take a risk, deal with the consequences and shut up.

  13. It is not the person who dies(there pain and suffering is over) but the family who are left behind that needs the sympathy and pity they are the ones thats left to pick up the pieces. Indeed no one puts a gun to any persons head to take Narcotics but tougher sentences should be dealt out to dealers. No conviction should be served on each case soley. There should be one sentence metted out to all dealers and that be ”life” for wilfully causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or health. Every single dealer who is brought before the court wether they had one ounce or 1,000 Kilos for distribution if found guilty should get the Life sentence, of course it’ll not stop the drug dealers but i think theRE will be less Drug Dealers on the street. Anyway whatever way you look at it whoever supplies these Drugs are getting a too easy of ride in our society. Saudia arabia Ii think have the right idea… with the sword.

  14. I’ve been debating for a couple of weeks on whether or not to tell you a little story I heard a couple of weeks ago.It was a sensitive story and I needed to protect my source.
    A headline in the Irish Times today has spurred me on.Why?…because I knew two weeks ago exactly what was going to happen.
    Two men and a woman in her late twenties arrested regarding the death of the model Katy French today….ever heard of fall guys?…someone will be convicted of a minor offense regarding the death of the model and they’ll serve a short sentence.They will, on their release from prison, find themselves a bit wealthier.
    The whole story is frankly disgusting and again I’m not able to give you the whole thing but suffice to say…Ms French did not have the ‘fit’ at the house in Navan…that happened in a place where the publicity would have been harmful to business…not a nightclub and the story on how her car keys ended up in her handbag at the hospital would make your hair curl.

  15. Everything has a price and sadly money buys everything even stooges but truth will out in the end of this sorry affair money wont save them now.

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