Civil War

The current talk about Iraq appears to be civil war, and how to prevent it. In reality you cannot prevent of a Civil war, you can only provide a when it will happen. Every democracy has had to have a Civil war. It is almost a requirement, whenever a passionate desire to control one’s own fate using the tool of government overcomes the ability to argue the points coherently is breached, then civil war will result. The flash point is subject matter. In many of the western democracies the passion is over an Ideal, a principal formed in the popular thoughts of the population. In iraq the subject is religion, a subject swimming in passion. There will be a civil war, can’t be stopped, therefore the goal goal will have to be, when it will be allowed to happen.

The most probable course of action will have to be providing an accommodating framework for all current parties to form a point of intersection. A meeting place where a basic common grown can be formed. In Iraq, this common ground will be a very small place. And it will not look western, in any, way, shape, or function. The attempt to ‘push’ western shaped organizations into a islamic world will not work. Unless a common foundation, comfortable to all participants, can be built, democratic organizations can not be built.

This has been the misguided adventure of the Neo-Cons. Their belief that the western foundations, the western common ground, is the same as an Islamic one, and can be easily overlaid onto a Islamic one. It is misguided, build a foundation, then let the organizations build on solid ground. The Muslin community must be allowed to build it for themselves. In some perceptions, the ‘terrorist’ in Iraq are no different than the Minutemen of the American Revolution. The British at that time called them ‘terrorist’ also.

And NO, it will not look like, nor act like a western democracy. And shouldn’t, It’s their country. Not, the one that the Neo-Cons would have and control. After all, the Neo-cons are only attempting to provide the illusion of democracy, hence the support of the Egyptian ‘Democracy’ which was fundamentally the same one that existed under Hussein in Iraq. The only difference was Hussein did not take direction from the Neo-cons. At least not recently, after all they put him into power in the first place. Put like Mary Shelly’s monster, it got out of control.

It’s about the Oil! and the power that oil provides, Energy, Economic and Political.

Impeach Bush and his Neo-Con masters.

(Funny didn’t he seem like a puppet on a string accepting responsibility during his speech)

Looks like this will be happening sooner than later. Undeclared Civil War In Iraq