Republican Politics, The ‘Sin’ of Greed.

There is an artical about the Music Companies getting Greedy and it brings up thoughts about other forms of Republican Greed And it all makes sense, “Greed is good!” Greed is the new Republican version of the American Way!

The Republicans are now trying to cover their ass over Katrina, by making it nearly impossible to dislodge them from Congress.

Republicans are now saying, if you can’t win on the facts buy your way back into Congress. Prevent Freedom of choice.

Impeach Bush and the corrupt Republican party which supports him. Vote for ANY NON Incumbentant running for a Republican seat in Congress.

Update: Looks like another Greedy Senator Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist under investigation. Are there NO honest Republicans?

Update, Again! And another fallen Greedy Politican DeLay Is Indicted

Who’s next? Rove?