The Nokia N900 To HTC Desire X

Well The end of my Nokia N900 did not come with a bang, but a bonus, a Christmas bonus gift card from my current employer. And and even though the N900 was still pulling it’s weight, it wasn’t current technology. The choosen replacement is not a top-of-the-line, it was priced to matched the value of […]

Committed to Maemo 5

I gone and done it, I’ve committed to a pre-order for a Nokia N900 from Amazon so sometime in the next X Days I’ll be on the Maemo 5 bandwagon. After pondering Android, Vodafone 360, Palm WebOS and Maemo, I had to choose a platform based upon HOW I USE a phone rather than as […]

The Smartphone fasttrack

Right now I’m down to the last with regards to choosing, a new Smartphone. Except that I’m not, Just as the finalists come down to the Android Hero, or a Nokia N900, I get distracted by the Motorola and Sony Android phones and now the Palm Pre is ready to be released into Europe. Choices […]