Garth Brooks, victim of bad Business (Ireland)

The entire Garth Brooks debacle is an example of Irish ‘Wink and a Handshake‘ culture. I have absolutly no doubt that the concert series was ALWAYS for 5 shows, but that the promoter thought they could make more money by promoting only the first three, then adding on the additional two shows, with the full […]

Digging in the dirt for decent politicans

The most frustrating thing about this election is the piss poor quality of the manpower. Why are Irish Politicans the the least qualified to drive a garbage truck, and totaly unqualified to do anything else. Makes you want to take the lot of them out behind the bog and shoot them.

Apprenticeships for the unemployed

The future of Irish unemployment, or for that matter, unemployment anywhere, may involve re-establishing a medieval apprenticeship, where students, or other unemployed IT/Scientific/Technical workers live with those in the same industry who ARE working, and learn the business from them, as MASTERS of the craft. Apprentice – A Medieval Guild Apprentice was sent to work […]

Vodafone ripoff in Wales

Moments after we arrived in Wales, we were interested in checking email and whatnot. So we stopped at a McDonald’s to use the non-existant WiFi. So realizing we were in a Vodafone cell site, I thought I’d use my JoikuSpot from my Nokia N900. No problem we even got decent download performance on the 2MByte […]

I’m an Ass H__e

I’ve being rude at Gateway Ireland I’m an Ass H__e. But I’m a Ass h__e that gets things done! I have spent my whole life moving from project to project simply on my reputation of being a high tech firefighter. I stomp out project fires, and make things work. I complete projects that are spinning […]

Internet freedom of speech and Irish Neutrality.

While reading this article 5 Reasons Why Online Freedom of Speech Does Not Exist I was encouraged that a person of Arabic decent wrote it. And is spot on about the real lack of freedom on the internet. And a thought came to mind that what Irelands ‘Smart Economy’ ought to be, is to create […]

Irish Banks to ripoff NAMA

That headline isn’t really news, at least to the people of Ireland. And only the, very disconnected, Irish Government believe that their spinning of any other message has changed that public attitude. But here is another one, Rent, the very nature of the overinflated rents, which are driving companies out of business. This has only […]

About the Weather at @abouttheweather

With everyone twitting about the weather conditions in Ireland lately, I created a weather twitter account that will save anything you twit to it with @abouttheweather and will keep them in a Weather category at Idea Forecasting

Predicting a ‘NO’ tomorrow.

I may be misguided, but I’m guessing that Ireland will have to give the EU another NO tomorrow. If you have further views, let me know. UPDATE: It looks like it’ll be a YES vote, I hope everyone lives to (not?) regret it!

Catholic Church in Ireland

If you are interested in the Catholic Church in Ireland Please read that link, and perhaps rethink the Idea that Religion is a Moral Authority to be respected.

The truth that RTE does know.

RTÉ … a Public Service Broadcaster, a non-profit making organisation owned by the Irish people. RTÉ is a State owned and operated propaganda wing of Fianna Fáil! There is no other way to put it. In a free society, only a free and open press and broadcaster can be truly unbiased, anything else is a […]

Dell Blackout on Factory Closings

It looks like Dell is attempting to suppress all information as they slap blackout on news about Raheen factory closings. That could be good news, or not. It could be a sign that they are negotiating a deal with the Irish Government. It could also be very bad news, and they are holding off until […]