I love Graphics

While Apple is claiming to be the number one provider of wireless devices, this chart show a different story. Apple might have 49.5% of the mobile internet traffic in the U.S., it only has 12% of the world wide smart phone market.

Committed to Maemo 5

I gone and done it, I’ve committed to a pre-order for a Nokia N900 from Amazon so sometime in the next X Days I’ll be on the Maemo 5 bandwagon. After pondering Android, Vodafone 360, Palm WebOS and Maemo, I had to choose a platform based upon HOW I USE a phone rather than as […]

The first one to Sue, Loses!

Looks like Google has showed their true Android colors as Google has just slapped Cyanogen with a cease-and-desist letter By demonstrating that Android is really NOT Open Source it makes my decision a bit easier. Palm Pre (WebOS), or Nokia N900 (Maemo). Of the two, only Maemo is still considered Open Source, however Palm WebOS […]

Idiotic Marketing by Palm

If this isn’t the most Idiotic Marketing move Palm has ever made, I can’t see how thay could top it. To begin Marketing a second Web-OS phone that is called the Mini-Pre BEFORE THEY HAVE EVEN SOLD A SINGLE ‘PRE’ If there was ever a way to cripple the potential sales surge normally associated with […]

Last Hurrah for TealOS

The Palm WebOS emulation ‘skin’ that is called TealOS has been forced to stop starting on Monday. I’m sorry to say that at Palm’s request, as of this upcoming Monday, March 30, we will no longer be selling or distributing TealOS. So if you want it, go get it now. I did, and it works […]

Palm WebOS for the T/X

I may be a bit wishful after seeing the demonstration of the Palm Pre but knowing that you can get Angstrom Linux on the Palm T/X, there isn’t any reason that you couldn’t get the Palm WebOS shoehorned into it. But I’m assuming that CPU power and memory will be issues. Still one can be […]

Future of Linux on the Palm

Having read this article about how to Dual Boot Linux on a Palm TX. I then downloaded the linux distribution described in the demonstration from the Reware Project And loaded it on a spare 2GB SD card as outlined. IT works as described, and it didn’t do any harm to my normal Palm OS installation. […]

Palm App Store is a failure

Giving Palm the benefit of the doubt I tried The Palm Software Store and attempted to download some ‘freeware’ apps from the Store directly into My Palm T/X. Well those that didn’t crash the T/X and reboot, failed to download at all. What a boneheaded move, create a store that doesn’t work, just prior to […]

Opera Mini 4.2 on Palm T/X

I’m impressed, Opera Mini 4.2 works on my Palm T/X without crashing (so far) and the rendering of pages, while small, actually look like the real thing. Further, snapback to the previous page is very quick, and painless. I’ll be doing more testing, but this is a breakthrough as far a browsing on the Palm. […]

Apple Slaps down developers again

Every day I’m more and more impressed with my Palm T/X choice as Apple extends iPhone NDA. Apple is getting genuinely proprietary about their iPhone/iPod app store. They are making a mockery of their own developer community and that won’t last, seeing as there is now the Google G1 Android phone and it’s open source […]

Missing Sync for Palm

I finally got fed up with the marginal, and with the Mac OS 10.5.5. update, broken iSync and Palm Desktop. So I went inter-web and bought and downloaded a copy of Missing Sync for Mac and after a bit more complicated install, and first sync. I think it might be a winner, and the Palm […]

Mac OS 10.5.5 Breaks Palm Sync

Instead of ‘fixing’ any issues with Palm synchronization, MacOS 10.5.5 Fixes an issue in which contacts might not sync properly with PalmOS-based devices. now fails consistently. I should have avoided when I saw Apple mention Palm Sync.

One more foolish Palm move

if this rumor is true that Palm’s Treo Pro in the wild, probably not fake. Then Palm has got to be the most foolish company in the world. Just when they are promising a new OS, a Linux cum Android like platform, they should announce yet another Windows based Phone, makes the company management come […]

Apple’s iPhone is closing the door on the future

After hearing about how the iPhone can phone home and kill apps? I knew that my choice to purchase a Palm T/X was the correct one. But this is even more a vindication of my choice of the Nokia 6300 to act as the modem for both my MacBook and Palm T/X when Apple pulls […]