Vaporware label only requires 3 delays.

I’m hoping that the Nokia N900 doesn’t become Vaporware as it has now delayed, or at lease allowed the perceived ship date to slip twice now, from October 2009, to End of October to now ‘November’. If there is a third slippage, it begins to make the N900 the subject of Vaporware rumors, and that kind of talk is death to a new product.

iPhone/iPod Touch Monopoly

I have been in the market for an upgrade to my iPod and the question of a replacement has been this, should I upgrade my old Palm Vx to a Palm T/X or my first generation iPod (5GB). The candidates have been the Nokia N770 / N800 / N810 series, the iPod Touch and the Palm T/X. I have by this time determined that the Nokia systems, while the most versatile are not completely integrated systems, more hacker devices than finished products. So the choices are down to the Palm T/X, which is getting very long in the tooth, running an aging operating system, or the iPod touch with a revolutionary OS/GUI but no third party applications.

The requirements are relatively simple, WiFi, bluetooth, applications like email, browsing communicating. MultiMedia. And any other things would be optional like eBooks. I have a medium sized iTunes collection, and plenty of Palm apps.

Currently if the rumor that Apple will approve and distribute apps and limit access to iPod/iPhone internals is true, this will be a deal breaker. No iPod Touch!

I have no intention of buying a totally locked in device. If for no other reason than it’s bad monopolistic practice. It will limit what the developers will be able to develop, and turn away some of the most innovative designs. This would be the most stupid thing Apple could do. A proverbial shooting one’s own foot off. It would cripple any development that might be applied, it would make the Palm the only choice.

I’ll wait until Apple announces on Thursday, but this rumor smells too true, so I’ll start pricing Palm T/X’s.

UPDATE: I looks like Apple has screwed it’s self Here! So my Decision to but an unlocked Obsolete Palm T/X is vindicated yet again!

MS06-040 Patch a trojan horse for NSA

When the Department of Homeland Security pushes so hard for everyone to patch a Microsoft security hole, I get suspicious as in here; DHS Recommends Security Patch to Protect Against a Vulnerability Found In Windows Operating Systems

If the patch can prevent this problem;

if exploited, could enable an attacker to remotely take control of an affected system and install programs, view, change, or delete data, and create new accounts with full user rights.

Couldn’t this patch also enable such a ‘backdoor’ as well? Wouldn’t that be such a nice gift for all the nice people in the NSA, CIA, FBI and of course DHS. 😉

Multi-National Corporations staging for U.S. economic Collapse

There appears to be a clever and subtly move by many Multi-National corporations to move their operations and capitol investments into European and Asia regions. This has partly been accomplished under the guise of outsourcing of critical infrastructures, and the apparent diversification of manufacturing and distribution.

While maintaining appearance of having their ‘Headquarters’ in the U.S., many corporations have transfered their primary corporate operations to multiple locations abroad.

From the evidence at hand this is an economic move to deflect the projected collapse of the U.S. economy when the shift of oil pricing to Euros occurs.

This has been a test of the Emergency Economic Broadcasting System. Should there be a genuine collapse of the U.S. Economy due to massive debt expenditures, and bankruptcy. The following will be repeated moments before the Internet is shutdown.
Thank you for your attention.

MacTel FireWire

I’m constantly amazed about all the fuss about only one FireWire connector on a Laptop, iBook, or PowerBook. It just speaks to the ignorance about the difference between USB 2.0 and FireWire 400/800. USB is a one to one serial connector, Firewire is a Bus connection much like SCSI only serial. Therefor you can connect up to 72 devices on a daisy chain. And in fact most FireWire devices are built Daisy chained. USB must be hubed together. FireWire 800 supports Firewire 400 devices, and can do so at the same time. USB when connecting 1.1 and 2.0 on the same port, slows down to the slowest device on the link.

So having only one FireWire port on a Laptop is NOT the same as having only one USB port.

9/11 The Movie

RTE are showing the 9/11 Movie, Michael Moore’s demonstration of what the American People elected. If only half, hold that, if only 10% of any of this movie is even remotely true. Everyone in the White House should be indicted or impeached.

I couldn’t even watch the entire movie, I couldn’t allow myself to be angry that long. At least I’m not going to permit Bush’s corruption affect my health.

Internet Censorship

It has come to me just now why the U.S. has tried to block the adoption of the ‘.xxx’ domain. It came to me when reading this article on the BBC Internet child porn block calls.

If there is the xxx domain, and the porn sites moved to this domain. Parental blocking of these sites would be easy.

And hence the real reason. Content could be blocked by domain address, rather than via filtering content. Utilizing filtering, any kind of censorship can me undertaken. You could block anything that is deemed ‘Obscene’. And that is a very soft definition. Any religious, or political subject could be considered obscene, and therefore block-able.

Child porn is only the trojan horse to begin this paradigm shift in thinking.

Now I’m sure this is not a surprise to some, but I just had to state this out-loud.

Interesting how the spellchecker brought up BlackBall along with Block-able. The new McCarthyism?