Voting with your feet

It may be a bit premature to talk about the recovery from the recession but it’s not too early to take steps to initiate a decision about the culture and nature of the recovery from the recession. In my time in Ireland I marveled at the concept of the local shop in an estate, and the small shops in general and the culture of such an environment. Now the the incursion of the giant Dunn’s, and the discount Aldi’s and Lidl’s a decision can be made about the nature of the recovery.

Do you save yourself a bit of change and buy cheap, or spend it at the local shop? Do you want to keep that cultural icon of local shops and merchants alive, or support the mass market monster. The application of your food budget to supporting your local may tax us all, but could well to the means of survival for the little shop keeper. The same could be applied to your favorite small cafe or restaurant, voting with your feet may be your only option if you want to continue to visit them.

I’m not saying that it’s the ‘Patriotic’ duty to shop in the Republic, there has been entirely too much disparity allowed to creep in there. But if you have the change, maybe it’s best spent in the local shop, rather than the big chain store,

The Recession and Comfort food

I’m making a bold prediction that this Recession with bring on a resurgence of Comfort food in the Irish diet, and really the world. Many exotic restaurants will begin to feel the pinch long before the local carvery closes it’s doors. The question you could ask, can you still find proper Comfort food these days. I was reminded of this after the wife prepared a fine feast of Shepherd’s Pie and bread pudding.

Ireland in Isolation

This article highlights a danger for Ireland Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization. Ireland is an Island! Almost everyone I’ve met in Ireland never think of Ireland as an Island (the center of the universe maybe, just not an Island). We have become so complacent about the availability of foreign goods and produce, we have forgotten that without cheap oil, we will have to live within our own agricultural means. Something the Lisbon “Yes” folks don’t seem to get yet. They believe that the mobile economy will balance the trade products and that putting fishermen and farmers out of business will not harm Ireland as a whole. Cheap oil has made this possible, and is no more. No more cheap fruit, and beef, no more massive highways and individual car ownership.

John Lennon sang Imagine, just Imagine no Oil.

Review of Lemongrass Restaurant Ballincollig

Where not to eat in Ballincollig

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat good food, and it shows. So it comes with some regret that I have found some place where I will not return. One of the things I’m fond of in Irish restaurants in general is the leisurely way you can dine. The Lemongrass in Ballincollig is not such a place. Having been to the Lemongrass in Maynooth I was looking forward to a nice dinner, and as we were led through an over crowded floor, we were at first impressed with the decor.

But there began the feeling of being rushed along, the waitress was prompt and was anxious to take our orders after only a brief glance at the menu. I choose the Sizzling Peking Duck as I enjoy spicy food and a beer. We were amazed at how quickly the food arrived, ahead of the beers. And then began my first disappointment perhaps not being familiar with duck in general, I was immediately struck by the smell of cooked feathers, not a pleasant aroma. This followed by the heavy layers of skin and fat on the bits of meat put me off eating most of them, at least they did not taste of feathers, but the dish suffered from the thick cornstarch sauce which lacked any serious spicy elements, very disappointing. This was the least authentic tasting ‘Asian’ food I had ever tasted.

So if you like being rushed into eating nondescript ‘Asian’ food and quickly rotated through like an American Restaurant this is the place.

For real Thai food in Ballincollig, I suggest the Banna Thai Restaurant across from the Movie theater. At least you will not be disappointed with the food, service or the quiet leisurely dining you will find there.

Rated 1/5 on Jun 22 2007 by Branedy
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