RTE Political Debates 2016

The only thing that I hear from the ‘Debates’ were that Parties were running against Parties. There was no debate about anyone being held responsible for decisions, no one responsible for any outcomes. It’s the Party’s choice. The Party that Failed, the Party that succeeded, the party that brought you X or Y.

We the people are voting on, and for PEOPLE, not parties. We know that Kenny never fulfilled any campaign promises, but it’s not his fault, he was doing what his party wanted. Sinn Fein has killed people in the past, therefore the people who now represent Sinn Fein are all murderers, because Sinn Fein, the party, murdered.

There are criminals who have been CONVICTED dozens of times, that do not get painted as a criminal when next they come to trial, why does ANY party get painted with past party issues, by past party members, when it was the members who committed them.

This lame attempt by our politicians to redirect blame to an anonymous ‘Party’ is another attempt to shed personal responsibility for the outcomes of bad decisions and choices. Like cheap used auto dealer, I have to talk to my party…er manager about that deal.

I hold Kenny & Noonan responsible for Water Charges, and paying off the bond holders, not Fine Gael, and Labor.

But if you want to play party politics, fine, Kenny, Noonan you have lost my vote for ANY Fine Gael politician, Labor too, as you had no guts to stand up for your ‘Party’ position, you also will fail to get a vote.

The Banking Crisis is Our Fault!

I heard all the arguments, and if I were in a position to actually have made the decisions, or been allowed to tender an opinion on the actions taken. I know I would have made different choices. But in the end;


We the people of Ireland are personally responsible for the crisis, for WE voted on the corrupt and idiotic government, the bad bureaucracy and bribed banked owned politicians who put us into this position. AS IN PERIOD!


There is no getting around it, so stop talking about a banking crisis, it’s a crisis of a democratic majority more concerned with trifling personalities, and historical artifacts that have no basis in fact. A Nonsensical political system that reenforces the rich, and dumps the poor and middle classes.

Absence of Posts

With the rare exceptions, where my personal kettle boiled over, and small posts were made, I have been mostly absent from posting on this blog. Right in the middle of an election, a topic I usually spout off about, there has been silence. So I owe it to the one or two people that do read what I write.

Over the last two months I have been dealing with some health issues, via twitter, some of you know, but between one surgery and another, time flies, and while I was not intending it, I have joined the ranks of the Cancer survivors worldwide. Trust me this is not a membership you should ever seek to join, and an entirely UN-FUN thing to do.

My discovery has been a series of coincidences that began with some basic investigations of mine to determine if the untreatable cancers that have taken members of my family in recent years was to be my fate also. As it turns out, I am not, but during the testing a preemptive removal of an enlarged appendix, lead to the discovery of a cancer there, and further surgery to perform due diligence to ensure all of the cancer was removed cleanly. As of now, all further testing has been completely clear, and free of further indications of cancer. And now I mend, almost the worst part, and I have a enhanced sympathy of those who have been fighting more dangerous cancers.

My gratitude to my surgeon, the staff and nurses at the Bon Secours Hospital. (with the exception of that bed that was trying to kill my back 🙂

The 71 Fianna Fáil Royals, does not Democracy Make.

The 71 Fianna Fáil Party Royalty who are being allowed to decide on the issue of wither we remove a Corrupt and disgraceful Taoiseach, Brian Cowen is not a Democracy. It only represents the swaggering elitist thugs that have manhandled the Irish state into the ashcan of Europe and pissed away the sovereignty of Ireland and are therefore NOT entitled to make that decision.

An immediate General Election should be called and the ‘Heave’ should be given to the entire Fianna Fáil Gang by the people of Ireland in a true Democratic election.

The Press is facilitating a Fianna Fáil Ploy

If you haven’t heard there is a vote in The Dáil on Tuesday, A No Confidence Vote against the Fianna Fáil Government. But listening to RTE and the Newspapers, you would only hear about Fine Gael frontbenchers ousting Kenny . What? No! We are voting AGAINST Fianna Fáil ! Where did all the kerfuffle about Kenny come about. In a word Fianna Fáil! It’s a ploy augmented by the gullible and lazy press to deflect attention away from the Tuesday No Confidence Vote. A lame attempt to displace attention away from their criminal activities which created the Irish Banking Crisis and to make a mockery of the Vote.

Rotten Fruit for Sale

Say I have a store and I’ve been buying rotten fruit from my friends for sometime. Paying top Euro for it as well.

When it comes to selling it, I find it impossible to sell it, and so I conceal from my stock holders the fact that I’ve been buying all this rotten fruit,

I talk with my friends and they tell me I should convince the government that I should have help selling this fruit, or else I’ll go out of business. Isn’t it just the great that my friends in government have agreed, and are going to buy all my rotten fruit, at top Euro as well, and then they will let me continue to operate my store however I wish to.

Isn’t this a bit like the new ‘Financial’ bill in the Dail currently. The Irish taxpayer gets all the rotten fruit, and the Bankers get to have debt free banks. What a deal!

Wounded Tigers and Irish Grannies

Listening to RTE radio this noon, I realized there is something more dangerous than a wounded (Irish) Tiger, and that’s an Irish Granny! If you could harness the energy of the Irish grannies, you would wouldn’t need dynamite under a politician’s seat. You could power the country with them 😉 And I wish that they had been mobilized during the last elections. Hey, maybe we need another election, it could happen!

Hail Brian Cowen, Prince and heir to king Bertie

Brian Cowen the anointed heir (prince) apparent of the Irish nation still can’t explain the Billion dollar surplus revenue one year and deficit the next. Heir to the man who banks out of a suitcase, and quiet keeper of skeletons in the closet, will soon take the reins of government. Is there anyone out there that might believe things will get better?

If most of the politicians in Fianna Fáil rode into government on Bertie’s coat tails, how many could ride in to it now, on Brian’s? Wouldn’t it be more democratic, if there were new elections? So that maybe, the people of Ireland could choose what government they had?

UPDATE: I’m vindicated, Brian is the Worst thing to happen to Ireland since Cromwell!

Bertie is in great company

I stumbled upon this today and while I never thought that my low opinion was supported by anyone else, when people start betting on Bertie Ahern to depart as Taoiseach on/before 31 Dec 07 it makes me chuckle. This places Bertie in the same ‘Good’ company as Robert Mugabe to depart as President of Zimbabwe on/before 31 Dec 07 and George W. Bush to be impeached by House of Representatives before end of his term in office

I makes you wonder what they all have in common…corruption, lies and dishonesty. All the things a good politican needs to get elected.

Bertie’s empty promises

As usual Damien is highlighting Bertie’s government failings with this
‘I ain’t really with it, I’m gettin’ off at Tara’ story.

What do you expect, Bertie can’t even tell the truth about his own expenses. And you think he would spend any money on people with needs? What, and give it to people who he doesn’t know personally? What would he give to his friends if he spent it on things like, drug prevention, drug rehabilitation, social services for children, children’s rights. That stuff is expensive, and mostly no one will notice if he just lies a bit more.

What gets me is this man got re-elected. What does that say about the electorate?

Pride and Honor

Having watched one of my favorite movies, The American President a movie I usually cry over, with a feeling of pride and honor. I realized that at no time in resent memory could I ever express such Pride and Honor over a real politician. With the gross lack of any real Honor, Respect and Pride in our current crop of standing politicians, I crave more, I want to respect my elected leadership, I want them to represent Honor, Humility and Pride in me as a citizen as I would have in them. I hope that my fellow Irish citizens feel that way also, that tomorrow they will go to the polls and vote for the persons they most Respect, not because they are clever, witty or jolly. But because they represent Honor, Respect and Trust, who will do the right thing for us, not just for themselves. To be Strong and Truthful, believing in us as much as we believe in ourselves. Deep in the Irish spirit there is that Honor, and there is that Pride, we can do better, we have earned that right. We are free by our own hand, and we require the respect that brings, and we require that our political leaders represent to the world that pride, and honor we have in ourselves.