The Banking Crisis is Our Fault!

I heard all the arguments, and if I were in a position to actually have made the decisions, or been allowed to tender an opinion on the actions taken. I know I would have made different choices. But in the end;


We the people of Ireland are personally responsible for the crisis, for WE voted on the corrupt and idiotic government, the bad bureaucracy and bribed banked owned politicians who put us into this position. AS IN PERIOD!


There is no getting around it, so stop talking about a banking crisis, it’s a crisis of a democratic majority more concerned with trifling personalities, and historical artifacts that have no basis in fact. A Nonsensical political system that reenforces the rich, and dumps the poor and middle classes.

The 71 Fianna Fáil Royals, does not Democracy Make.

The 71 Fianna Fáil Party Royalty who are being allowed to decide on the issue of wither we remove a Corrupt and disgraceful Taoiseach, Brian Cowen is not a Democracy. It only represents the swaggering elitist thugs that have manhandled the Irish state into the ashcan of Europe and pissed away the sovereignty of Ireland and are therefore NOT entitled to make that decision.

An immediate General Election should be called and the ‘Heave’ should be given to the entire Fianna Fáil Gang by the people of Ireland in a true Democratic election.

WoW! A positive step to restore trust.

The Gardaí raid offices of Anglo Irish Bank in Dublin in the first positive step in restoring confidence in the Irish Government. It’s a shame that that it took almost violent public outcry from the people to stir action from the lame corrupt ministers. It’s also a shame that any incriminating evidence has probably been destroyed and disposed of.

Hail Brian Cowen, Prince and heir to king Bertie

Brian Cowen the anointed heir (prince) apparent of the Irish nation still can’t explain the Billion dollar surplus revenue one year and deficit the next. Heir to the man who banks out of a suitcase, and quiet keeper of skeletons in the closet, will soon take the reins of government. Is there anyone out there that might believe things will get better?

If most of the politicians in Fianna Fáil rode into government on Bertie’s coat tails, how many could ride in to it now, on Brian’s? Wouldn’t it be more democratic, if there were new elections? So that maybe, the people of Ireland could choose what government they had?

UPDATE: I’m vindicated, Brian is the Worst thing to happen to Ireland since Cromwell!

Time for a new government in Ireland

It looks to be time to form a new government in Ireland that respects Freedom of Speech and maybe elect some new (less corrupt) politicians that respect the law, don’t take bribes of English Money, and don’t perjure themselves before a judicial tribunal. Politicians that don’t try and censor Blogs that have an opinion contrary to theirs.

Truman vs Dewey ; Bertie vs Truth

In my previous post I mentioned the Truman vs Dewey election and was reminded of the slogan most associated with Truman, and how important it was in defining the man.

The Buck stops here!

It describes an era where no one wanted to take responsibility for the problems in the government. And Truman was willing to take that buck that was being passed, and step up to the responsibilities of government errors and problems.

And I was thinking about Bertie, and how the quote could be changed to reflect his apparent behavior,

The buck stops here, in my pocket.

Except that in this case we are talking about the ‘real’ Buck, the Euro, the Quid. After all, banking out of his suitcase is his defining moment.

Bertie is in great company

I stumbled upon this today and while I never thought that my low opinion was supported by anyone else, when people start betting on Bertie Ahern to depart as Taoiseach on/before 31 Dec 07 it makes me chuckle. This places Bertie in the same ‘Good’ company as Robert Mugabe to depart as President of Zimbabwe on/before 31 Dec 07 and George W. Bush to be impeached by House of Representatives before end of his term in office

I makes you wonder what they all have in common…corruption, lies and dishonesty. All the things a good politican needs to get elected.