Opera Mini 4.2 on Palm T/X

I’m impressed, Opera Mini 4.2 works on my Palm T/X without crashing (so far) and the rendering of pages, while small, actually look like the real thing. Further, snapback to the previous page is very quick, and painless. I’ll be doing more testing, but this is a breakthrough as far a browsing on the Palm. I’ll have to try it on my S40 Symbian Phone (6300).

Java JVM for Palm T/X

Java for the Palm T/X has been such an issue since Palm stopped hosting a copy, I have found and will host a copy of the installation in the form of WEME571.zip which contains the PRC files that constitute the Java JVM for the T/X. Just browse the folders in the ZIP and install the prc’s. This will then let you run java applets and programs such as Opera Mini 4.1

UPDATE: Some good instructions on Making Opera Mini 4.1 Broswer work for Palm OS

Opera Mini V4.1 Beta

I have been playing with the new Opera Mini 4.1 Beta on my Palm T/X. It’s a vast improvement over the Version 3 release and produces less crashing than did the version 4.0 release. It is an interesting ‘display’ of web formating attempting to emulate the iPhone/iPod Safari display. Where unreadable lines might be displayed, there are simple lines drawn. This forming a framework where a sliding window floats around a mock mouse cursor. Using the five way control you can ‘mouse’ over areas of the web layout and ‘click’ and zoom into the selected area of the screen. This is very effective for small scale screens, and could, when they get all the bugs out (it is a Beta) mitigate the advantage Safari currently enjoys. It’s worth a try if you like or need a mobile browser. It’s written in Java, and requires a JVM, in the case of the Palm, if it’s not already installed, you have to lie, cheat and steal to find a copy of WebSphere to operate it. Look Here if you need one.