My new Clevo W240EUQ Laptop from PC Specialists

This is the Laptop I have moved to. No longer a Mac user, never more than a PC user and never a Windows fan. I’m now entirely into my custom built Clevo W244EUQ laptop, built to my configuration by PC Specialist in the UK. Having done a lot of research and agonizing over prices and parts, my system was constructed and sent to me in, call it 10 days including shipping and weekends. And yes I’m writing this post from it. and I’m doing it from Mint 13 with the Cinnamon interface. Everything works, with the single exception that the SD card reader is not picked up. It also has one ‘hot’ pixel which only shows up during boot time, and I can live with that. I was amused and gratified that the laptop was NOT an exact match to the photos on the PC Specialist site, but I don’t think it was their fault as the Clevo site have many different configurations of this model laptop. On the positive, the laptop is better looking, and has a better keyboard than shown in the Clevo or PC Specialist photos. Mine photos are included below, though the first one isn’t perfect, because the top cover is so black that the auto focus couldn’t lock in.

The Specs are not stunning, about the same as a MacBook Pro. A Intel i5-3210M processor, 8 GB of ram, a 500GB 7200rpm disk with 16MB cache, 14″ screen 1366/768 HDMI, 1000 base ethernet, A/G/N Wifi, 2 USB 3 and 1 USB 2 port and a (currently) non-working SD Cardreader.


CPU Blowfish	    4.070
CPU CryptoHash   343.235
CPU Fibonacci	   1.819
CPU N-Queens	   5.411
FPU FFT		   0.972
FPU Raytracing	  3.688

4 comments on “My new Clevo W240EUQ Laptop from PC Specialists

  1. I’ve just discovered myself and I’m wondering what the build quality is like. How does it compare to your average branded laptop?


  2. The build is very good, it is plastic, and very smooth with curved edges on the palmrests but it’s fingerprint magnet , the Keyboard is great, good feedback and the surface is textured. The screen does not flex and the hinges are stiff and quiet. Over all it’s lighter than the MacBook 13 inch that it replaces and the screen is brighter and color rich. The volume from the speakers is louder than the MacBook. The view when plugged into HCMI will knock your socks off. Overall I’d put it up in the high end Sony/Apple/Acer mode.

  3. What is the power brick like on this Laptop, my Clevo has a massive power supply and it would be crazy large on a 14″.

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