Pride and Honor

Having watched one of my favorite movies, The American President a movie I usually cry over, with a feeling of pride and honor. I realized that at no time in resent memory could I ever express such Pride and Honor over a real politician. With the gross lack of any real Honor, Respect and Pride in our current crop of standing politicians, I crave more, I want to respect my elected leadership, I want them to represent Honor, Humility and Pride in me as a citizen as I would have in them. I hope that my fellow Irish citizens feel that way also, that tomorrow they will go to the polls and vote for the persons they most Respect, not because they are clever, witty or jolly. But because they represent Honor, Respect and Trust, who will do the right thing for us, not just for themselves. To be Strong and Truthful, believing in us as much as we believe in ourselves. Deep in the Irish spirit there is that Honor, and there is that Pride, we can do better, we have earned that right. We are free by our own hand, and we require the respect that brings, and we require that our political leaders represent to the world that pride, and honor we have in ourselves.