Windows 7 bait and switch

A few years ago there was a declaration that due to continuing delays with Vista, that Microsoft would ‘totally rewrite’ the code to complete the task and finalize it’s release. We now know that these ‘rewrites’ never made it into the Vista we see today, and are now part of the Windows 7 kit. We know this by common sense, we know that Microsoft could never have reached a Windows 7 beta in under a year when in fact it’s taken about 4 years to develop this beta.

Now all the paid Windows Pundits are raving about the Windows 7 beta and how much better, secure and fast this is, to any other Windows release. Almost the exact same song and dance that was paraded out for Vista. Does anyone ever learn that marketing does not make software better? I’m sure that Microsoft is aware that if they get this wrong again, corporate 500 companies, same ones that are skipping the Vista release, the ones that keep them in business, will be seeking more alternative desktop operating systems. They have already been tripped up by the emergence of the netbook running Linux, or worse, Windows XP. They are literally being hamstrung by their own base. This could be the end of Microsoft dominance in the office workspace.