Tax free Science and Maths

If Ireland can support the Arts and Music with a tax free environment, but is now worried about Science, Mathematics and Research. Why not grant the same favor to Scientists, Mathematicians and Researchers? Since there are fewer Scientists, and Mathematicians, than there are Artists and musicians, and in generally they make less money, and hence pay less taxes anyway, why not support them, and make it entirely free of taxation.

This might go a long way to making Science and Math more interesting as a career and might bring in more research institutes and Business to Ireland.

4 comments on “Tax free Science and Maths

  1. Why not income? It would be an automatic pay rise 😉 Research people from around the world would relocate for that. They would still be paying taxes on food, gas and utilities. Just no taxes out of the paycheck.

  2. The tax credit for artists only applys to the income from their creative work. It doesn’t apply to paychecks from teaching jobs, researching etc. How would that be applied to science- limiting it to IP income?

  3. A Scientist’s work is his art, isn’t it? Any patented thing they might profit from would be the equivalent to artistic output. Wouldn’t it?

    Mind you, for a scientist, the person who profits from their work, is usually their employer, who in theory pays the scientist from profits earned from their own scientific work.

    The inspirations from an artist comes from their minds, just like that of a scientist. Shouldn’t they be rewarded the same way?

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