Strange Search results, using

I have been finding that many of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Technorati, and Feedster are returning different search results for the words . Now I don’t use these words in real text on this post as an example of this. Now I know that certain words have been blocked on Google. And most of these are for the Chinese government. But the odd results are showing up in Europe as well. are important words that should not be blocked.

The Missing Movie, Martial Law America.

Years ago I watched a movie on TV, in black and white, as that was the only kind my folks had at the time. But the movie made a lasting impression on me. It may have been written for today, but the setting was the 60’s, men dressed in black suits white shirts, very sinister.

The plot when like this:

  • There is Martial Law in the United States of America. As a result of some form of terrorism.
  • The period of Martial Law was coming to an end
  • The current President’s eight year term is about to expire
  • the Martial Law’s constraint on freedoms has managed to create an underground ‘Resistance’ movement.
  • the government has secretly arrested an army general who is suspected of being part of this movement
  • he is suspected of leaking, or attempting to leak information that the President will use Secret Service agents to blow up several power plants in the Southwest United States in an effort to maintain the continuation of Martial Law. And to halt the next election, and extend his ‘leadership’
  • The President plans to blame the ‘Terrorist’ for the bombing
  • the terrorist knows of the generals arrest, and while they know that he is not part of the movement, they free him, and discover the plot
  • the ‘Resistance’ groups defend the power plants from being destroyed

From that point I don’t remember more of the story.

The important point is this. I have never seen or heard about this movie EVER!

I vaguely remember that the general was played by Robert Duval, a very young Duval.

This movie is scary, placed into the context of today’s events, that if I put on my tin hat. It would make a great conspiracy to believe this movie is missing because it has become a Republican blueprint for the future. And hence it has disappeared from the film vaults of Hollywood.

On the other hand, it could have been just another ‘B’ movie actors would just a likely be ashamed to be associated with. But it’s absents is disturbing, considering all the trash that is still around. A story with this much political meat in it would likely find an audience.

If you know this film, post a comment, and let me know.

Another Cloudy day

Do you ever get a feeling of impending doom?

Maybe it’s just another gloomy day, and not Rita.

But there may be more at work than the weather. Change is in the wind. And I’m not speaking about the weather. Even if there is Global Warming. Or that the Politics are heating up. Or war, or maybe it’s just a combination of these things. Somethings not right with the world today.

More later….

Maybe I need another Coffee.

PAR and Katrina

I have been privy to a story, or a rumor if you will, dealing with Katrina and recovery operations.

The story originates from PAR, a utilities contractor and the story/rumor comes through the company rumor mill.

There was a workman from PAR found dead hanging from the power lines where he was performing Katrina related repair work. (PAR normally operates as a High voltage line repair contractor, so this was not a local power line he was found on. )

The story goes like this, he was found, but the ‘authorities’ will not, or would not let the body be returned to the family in Kansas. The authorities also claim the body would have to be buried in LA, and that no post-mordem would be allowed.

Now, it is not unusual to have individuals work on HV lines alone, and it not unusual for them to be killed by things like lighting, or falling, but working on HV almost always involves the power to be OFF! And ANY death is followed by a post-mordium, company policy!

The question are;

Why are the authorities preventing the examining of the body?

Why won’t they permit the family to take the body home?

How did he die?

Was he shot?

The timing may coincide to the ‘power on’ Photo-Op event in NOLA that Bush put on, and the ‘finding or the body’ seems to match the ‘lights out’ after the event was over.

Did this lineman get ‘burned’ by the bush event?

That’s the story/rumor, I do not have the name of the lineman at this time. But there was a death.

I would not be surprised if this is not completely true. But it has a lot of contractors stirred up.