My thoughts on Gambling Ads!

Gambling ads ban to be scrapped

When are we finally going to pass a law on how to wipe your ass? Do you know how much toilet paper we waste in this country? Think of the emotional harm brought to our young people fondling their behinds excessively? Think of the environmental harm we are doing by cutting down all the trees to wipe our collective behinds?

Why stop with telling people what they can do? Why not publish a book on how everything should be done. That sounds like a ‘free’ country now, doesn’t it?

Wait, They have published books on this The Bible and the Quran!

What happened to Freedom, what are we fighting for all over the world? To bring the world under a collective control? Sounds more like religious restriction and control than freedom to me!

Isn’t that what Jihad is?

Republicans are making Democrats

Prior to World War II, Americans were, much like they were before 9-11, mostly isolationist, self centered and generally ignorant of the world outside of the United States. The former, because they were turning away from Bloody World War I, and were trying to forget. The later was a forced ignorance of the world engineered by the Mass media owned and controlled by conservative big business, mostly sympathetic to GOP motivations. Years of manipulation with of the Idea that the media was ‘Liberal’ has convinced Americans that the isolation and selfishness was an American Ideal.

As an unexpected outcome of WWII, millions of Americans were introduced to the rest of the world, troops stationed all over the world, and even prisoners-of-war brought to the U.S. for internment influenced the population that there were people living in the rest of the world. People who did not share the american way of life. And Americans learned and gained an understanding, even a desire to know other cultures.

The current situation is a bit different, just as Pearl Harbor was different than 911, an unexpected difference is the decision to keep prisoners far away from the general population, partly to keep them from becoming ‘human’ and partly to keep them away from the U.S. Constitution, and the rights that it confers.

With control of the media the republicans have attempted to prevent interaction both with the truth, and any element that might make ‘foreigners’ less than the ‘evil’ monsters that the GOP needs to continue the war on the U.S. Constitution, for Iraqi oil, and to boost the Defense Industrial Complex. But keeping troops in enclaves (to prevent interaction with the Iraqi population) has lead to the uncontrolled situation that troubles Iraqi security, that prevents the Iraqi from learning about Americans, and from American troops from learning that Iraqi people are human also.

This isolation hasn’t worked, and soon American troops will be returning to the U.S. with a deeper understanding of the outside world, something the GOP did not want. And just as the U.S. became more democratic, more liberal, dare I say more international after WWII, so it will after Iraq. The Republicans are making Democrats out of Republicans, my father, a lifelong republican, is now thinking of voting Democrat. So will the pendulum swing from the GOP to the democratic party. Time will tell, the sooner the better.

Crying Wolf

It seems like the Whitehouse can’t keep themselves from crying wolf. With a history of lying and fabricating evidence even if Iran is suppling arms in Iraq, who could believe them. Bush is still Crying Wolf, It’s time again to bring up impeachment again.

If you can’t trust the President and his administration, how can you trust them to lead the country. Just as in the Nixon era, it’s time for another potato farmer to bring honesty and trust back into the Whitehouse. Time for a leader that the American people, and the rest of the world, can trust to lead the last superpower on the planet.

Weapon of philosophy

Now that the Democrats are in control of congress, maybe we can do something that the Republicans were unwilling to do. Support the troops overseas.

And this is where I diverge from my usual subjects. Like Bernie Goldbach at IrishEyes I’ve had a previous life with the U.S. Government, both in the Military, and as a civilian.

Recently I have read about the soldiers in the field complaining about the weapons that they carry, in particular the venerable M-16. This is the mainstay of the U.S. Army (and troops elsewhere in the world) and is a unique Weapon of philosophy. And this is the nature of war, it often prescribes a weapons requirements.

The M-16, and bullet and cartridge that they use is designed for a type of war that is not the current norm. Let me explain, the M-16 utilizes a 5.56x45mm (.223 Remington) caliber bullet. This is a very small bullet, but it’s the reasoning behind this choice.

This bullet is intended to wound rather than kill.

The motivation behind this was the nature of warfare at the time. The thinking at the time, and the nature of the enemy lead military designers to the conclusion that a wounded enemy soldier consumed more enemy resources than a dead one. This follows that the enemy retrieves and cares for it’s wounded. It also is based on the idea that a wounded soldier would stop fighting and/or surrender if wounded.

This is not the current enemy, and the soldier in the field is finding this out, they are screaming out for the older and larger bullet of the M-14 a 30-06 (7.62x63mm). And while this is heavy and restricts the amount of ammunition that a soldier can carry, it has stopping power. A real killing bullet that is required for an enemy that chooses to die, and who will seek it out and will not be stopped by wounding and will not be deterred by the wounded. In the same issue, the M-16 has no penetration in a stone and mortar world or a metal car and light armored world, the M-14 will!

Hence the philosophy issue, warfare has changed, the weapons will have to change to prevent the soldier from loosing the battle before it begins. There are still plenty of battles before we withdraw from the mistake of Iraq. I only hope that the new congress will armor and arm, pay and support the soldier who defends the renewed democracy called America.

Personal Demons

I’ve heard of people fighting their personal demons, the ones carried deep inside their own minds, but this takes the cake Bush Says Iraq War Is Part of a Larger Fight

…because it is a battleground in an epic struggle between democracy and tyranny

Seeing how his personal demon is Democracy, the tyranny that he is fighting for in Iraq is his own to reap in the U.S. as he continues to use the war as a means to destroy that ‘Goddamn piece of paper’ called the U.S. Constitution.

Here’s hoping that the GOP looses the House and Senate this year, and we get to impeach Bush before he declares another war.

UPDATE: A good rebuke Death of Habeas Corpus:

What are we loosing, when terrorist assault air travel

I’ve been thinking too much lately, and I can’t help but think that the use of airplanes in terrorist plots have a deeper significance, or not, you decide.

One element of Islamic reaction is a more or less a conservative reaction that even conservatives in the west can identify. One of the greatest features of the western world is mobility, most dramatically represented by air-travel and airplanes. One of the most active agents in change is mobility. Change in a culture that suppresses individual initiatives and freedoms, in favor of religious dogma and enforced religious rituals would have to resist any mixing of ideas and people, mobility is the enemy. This is exactly the same for both the west and islam. The funny thing is neither side understands this. And reacting to this, or even trying to prevent this mingling of cultures is the one change in the world that neither side can prevent.

What it means to us, the public who have to live in the real world, and not some religious fantasy of a pure ethnic nirvana. Is that all the elements that make our modern world work are under attack in the misbegotten belief that change can be stopped. The one thing the rest of us can do, remove the conservative fanatics on both sides of the equation.

What means is that the West and Islamic moderates will have to eliminate their respective far right fundamentalists from positions of power. And start talking to their opposite number.

Do you feel safe with Bush?

What is it with George, he can’t even speak two cohesive sentences during a press conference. Do you feel safe with him at the controls? Even though Bush is the worst president in history, he still has the job, and should be doing it. Instead he resorts to politics and tired, tired, talking points. Complete incompetence should result in his impeachment and removal from office. What more do people need, another disaster at his and the republican’s hands? It was the British, not The Homeland Security who caught this. If he wants to be remembered and judged by history, this is his chance. I’m afraid he’s going to blow it.

Anti-War is NOT Anti-Security

The republicans are afraid and are attacking the democrats on the false point that being Anti Iraq War is the same as being Anti Security.

The attacks came as Republicans are openly alarmed that their party seems to be heading for big losses this November. Republican polling has also said that national security is the most effective issue Republicans have to motivate the most loyal voters in their party.

I think most americans are waking up to the fact that the Iraq war is creating LESS Security not more, and that the Bush and GOP Congress are to blame for the growing feelings of insecurity.

Anti-War is not Anti-Security

A new policy, a tactical and practical policy to deal with terrorism is necessary, and the current Congress, and Executive Branch are not competent to carry out such an improved War on Terrorism. Time to throw out the Incumbents and replace them with better people, Lieberman is just the first.

9/11 education lacking in both Islam and the West

The Sunday Times had an interesting article that indicates that a majority of Muslims in the U.K. believe that there was a U.S. conspiracy that led to the attack of 9/11 and that is was not a Muslim attack. But these same people believe that muslims bombing the U.K. on 7th, was a necessary reaction to the U.K. in Iraq. There seams to be a serious conflict in this thinking. Mind you the information from the hearings on 9/11 held in the U.S. were at best suspect. But there is also the same beliefs in the U.S..

Fundamentally the real issue is education, and the lack of any clear information from any of the governments involved combined with the press who have been negligent in investigating and reporting the real truth. Communications seems to be the tool of the war maker. Communicating the facts may be the only way to halt this relentless move by both the Islamic and Christian fanatics towards a war that is meaningless. But in the face of things from both sides of the conflict, transparency is the one thing that neither will allow, a transparency born of honest and direct communications. Both sides believe that manipulation of the media will some how grant them righteousness where none exists.

Truly we are entering a new dark age, where both religions twist the truth to enforce secular control of people by clouding the mind and poisoning communications.

Bush to stand trial for war crimes.

Not that it’s for real but it may have to become a reality for the United States to regain the trust and respect of the world.

Bush will have to be impeached and stand trial for beginning a war with Iraq for personal gain, violations of the U.S. Constitution, Geneva Conventions and any other treaties that may have been violated including the illegal renditions through Irish and any other country who’s sovereignty may have been violated.

At this stage I don’t see any other path to restoring respect for the U.S.

If you are of a different mindset, please comment, but I’ll bet you will be hard pressed to come up with a better way. Please don’t use the tired 9/11 issue as it really has no bearing on the incompetent GOP Neo-Con government who has squandered world respect for short term oil profits, corruption and criminal disrespect of their own citizens, let alone the world at large.

H.R. 5875 and a hope in Hell

I find this amusing that The Iraq War Powers Repeal Act of 2006, H.R. 5875 essentially is taking George Bush at his word from his “mission accomplished” in May 2003. In an argument I used on this blog along time ago I mentioned that if we had already declared a victory, the GOP and Bush could save face and withdraw. The point is that this war has never been over liberating the Iraqi people, or removing sadam, or WMD’s. If this bill ever gets passed it will be a clear illustration of that fact. Hence it will never get out of house of representatives.

But there is still a hope in hell.

WMD’s boogy man, out of control.

I have always been amazed at the attitude of the the NeoCon far right wing in the United States. When Europe suggests a course of action like the Ceasefire in lebanon, most take it just on face value, a suggestion. When the NeoCon’s make a suggestion they expect immediate action in compliance to that suggestion. And when that suggestion is not heeded, great anger, and self righteous indignation follows. We are a SUPERPOWER we should be listened to and heeded. This is the voice of Olympus speaking.

It’s no wonder that with a belief in their own Godhood that their religions beliefs are also in a God who they believe grants them a divine destiny to lead the world. Unfortunately the god that they worship, is a self deluded composite deity designed by them. They have, like buggy software, designed in many loopholes and insecurities. Personal insecurities. When confronted with reality they resort to sound bites and rhetoric long since debunked. A powerpoint presentation that has lost its point, like blue screens full of cryptic error messages. Just like the cryptic messages from the Oracle, most religions are a mishmash of interpretation by clerics of all religious automatons. The NeoCon beliefs are no different, if there is no Boogy Man, you must create one.

For the fall elections in the U.S. we will see if the presentation of the GOP and it’s far right will get it’s tired story rewritten or not. It is not a good sign when the constant reiteration of Weapons of Mass Destruction that often defines the Right has continued to sink in with the voting public and more and more of the mindless in America still believe that WMD’s still exist, and are in the hands of the Hezbollah. How many times can a single item be used? How many times can crying wolf illicit a response before the people stop listening, and ask for the truth.

It’s truly amazing how much the beliefs of the GOP mirror that of another previously overturned regime.

“What luck for the rulers that men do not think”

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”

Adolf Hitler